Give us an endgame

  1. PvP: Add PvP currency and PvP gear to the game. We can grind for these tokens running outpost rush and world PvP. Make the gear our best in slot for PvP. This will be our endgame goal until more battlegrounds, arenas, world pvp zones, etc are released.

  2. PvE: Similarly, add raiding gear and currency to the game. These are earned and dropped in expeditions and elites. And these will be our best in slot gear for PvE content. This will be our endgame goal until you release more expeditions, dungeons, time trials, open world grinding spots, world bosses, etc.

  3. Crafting: Just ensure that the things we craft are profitable. As it stands, you make much more money gathering base items to sell TO crafters rather than crafting things yourself. Crafting should have some value beyond doing it to do it. Add quests and gear rewards to each profession like you did with fishing. And there you go, this will be our endgame goal for a while until you release more professions, different ways to link them, new items, etc.

It’s just so easy to give us something to grind for. Why won’t you give it to us? You genuinely think the answer was just…lower the xp gain on crafting, lower the drop rates from mobs, and make mobs harder to kill? Think again please.

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