Give us Holiday Events

even if minor, i would like to see halloween & christmass represented in one way or another, just seeing cosmetics in store is not sufficient.

add a christmass tree in town centers along with a hannukah candle in the windows at the inn.
for example.

create your own winter holiday related to the game, the event could cause all enemy damage to be frost damage or have a certain type of npc spawn and attack with snowballs, the snowball being a sticky grenade painted white and detonation time 0.1 causing frost damage.

That stuff would be nice to see but it would break something for sure .

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No, please I don’t want the fallen with santas hat. I would prefer them to repair something.

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well adding an enemy throwing white colored 0.1 fuse sticky grenades with frost damage would be a rather simple addition.

simply copy sticky grenade as a new ability, and add it to a mob which they also clone, there are plenty ranged or throwing monsters.

and who says santa hat ? best is to only do a christmass tree & hannukah candle but keep the mobs related to the game.

add a frosty aura to their skin and perhaps give them some icy colors.

they could even add a white timber wolf.

I would like to see this also I just don’t think this year is the one they have a lot on their plate right now if it broke something there would be uproar.

let us be completely honest here, they broke the plate, they fix it.
funds for it they have, only problem is they are too cheap to hire enough & competent developers.

if i messed something up at work i would not have it as an excuse to delay everything else…
slight delays like spilliong coffee are ok but only first few times if you repeat then u just work faster to make up for it.

so in no way or form give them that excuse as they will use it.

You realise they tried to compensate players for missing gear and ended up giving the entire of the EU millions of gold which crashed the economy?

They add this sticky bomb idea and it could ripple out and totally break something.

I’m not giving them an excuse. As a player I want them to fix the game so I can enjoy it for its best. If they add a Christmas tree: 1. It takes away resources which could be put to better use. 2. If it breaks something I don’t want to have to sit through Christmas break with no trading post like what happened when it was thanks giving.

So I feel like right now I would rather them fix stuff even something as small as trading furniture then add some PvE mechanic which would last for like a month.

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Sorry to say, but befor they Focus on Events they should clear the majority of the existing bugs

that was due to not planning nor documenting the process, the reason the small compensation turned into millions was becourse it was affected by the housing related compensation which was done in the same string of code rather than keeping them seperate and have a protocol on how to give something to all.

so i am sorry but the mess is still their own and a predictable one at that.

the issue here is greed of not hiring competent or enough developers, and excuses you are making for them only helps them stall for longer before taking actions. save those thoughts for indie developers not a large company.

I do not want it… this year. Even if the content development team has nothing better to do than to make the Santa hats and Xmas bikini, there are too many bugs, I just do not want them to introduce new ones. They could work on the next year seasonal events, but I want the game working first. And I know it will take them few months to fix the major issues they introduced recently along with those from the start.
I would also welcome proper testing of new stuff in PTR, and fixing it while it is in the PTR, before pushing it live.

Fix the game first, pls. Before you break more stuff with fluff events.


“Replaced Everfall well and Mourningdale statue with a fountain - this was an intentional change that was made in preparation for an upcoming player event.”
( [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #3)

There are also datamined christmas stuff, so probably will be an event in december.

I am not saying I don’t agree with you. They clearly do need a little more help and I would LOVE a Christmas event.

However, them putting resources THIS YEAR into that kind of event takes away resources that could be better used by bug fixing and stabilising the game.

Even if they hired more developers I would still rather them work on fixing furniture being stuck in my inventory than them working on a Christmas tree.

what you are doing is called enabling, this only ends in them getting lazier and lazier as they have gullible customers who will give them any and all excuses and results in less and less info from them.

if a customer orders something and after a month it hasnt arrived and no news, you get results by contacting… if you ignore it and thikn they havent forgotten you then you become a fool.

furthermore most development teams are seperated into groups, the one fixing is not the same as the ones designing etc.

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