Give us the ability to help you

Recent patch notes talk about your interest in gold sellers and their interruption of the game.

Howabout you throw a little trust towards the players in the game. Though reports work, would not the ability to instantly kick/ban sellers by players be a better option. Providing a few players that are very active on their servers ( We know you have this info) the ability to assist would be better.

You’d public source the monitoring of the game and instantly eliminate a problem that plagues all games today.

None really besides small checks and balances to ensure the trusted players are performing their responsibilities appropriately.

Just seems like it would be a better and basically free idea to let a couple trusted players on each server handle the problem for you. Your only concern could be if they were using this ability maliciously however again, a simple person checking logs on your end could provide instant repercussion for any type of irresponsibility. (Insert Uncle Ben speech)

Also these “moderators” would have high value accounts and be heavily invested into New World and its growth so it would be in their best interests to act responsibly.

Icing on the cake - You get more $$ for all the accounts that would get banned and reopened… I

Honestly, I have 2 character slots. I would be happy to send one to another server, never join a faction, and spend some time helping police that server. As long as someone else would do the same and save my server.

Seriously, if you had a program like that? I’d be willing to invest my time into making the game better.

If you’re going to give someone the power to ban/kick an account you may as well assign it to a staff team. That being said, I don’t know why it doesn’t seem like there’s any staff accounts online whenever these bots are present. They’d be able to take a glance at chat and judge immediate action be taken for things like spam and coin selling (temp ban, escalate to perma ban if repeat violation, etc). Is there just not enough man power? If there isn’t, then leaving it up to these “approved” players may not be a good idea since you’d need even more staff time spent on these checks and balances.

May I suggest instead we have volunteer mods that go through an interview/selection process and get incentivized with in-game rewards? maybe that’s what you were suggesting anyway, but I would like to know how they’d actually select community members for this. It’s got to follow a criteria more extensive than just “active”, “old account” and “spends money”.

That was basically what i was thinking of. Volunteer mods get to mod other servers than their own, get selected/approved by the staff, and turned loose. If people start to really contest their bans, let it get reviewed by actual staff members.

You can pay these mods in currency for the skins shop. It would cost AGS practically nothing, and better and more consistent enforcement would greatly improve player experience, and therefore improve player retention and involvement. And income from those players.

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it does not have to be another server. And I don’t think the idea was to have a player actually play moderator and moderate the ingame chat of other players, so I wouldnt call the role asked for “mod”.

All these reports about goldseller spam have to end up somewhere, together with the info of who did the report and the message that was reported. Wouldnt it be easy to figure out who is reporting often, always spot-on and never messes around with fake reports? If people have made the effort to do these reports in the past and they were always correct - why not give these people the power to not just report the spambots so that staff can remove them. Give them the power to flag a goldseller spambot as such and make this mute the bot immediately instead of letting him spam until staff has time to remove him.

Obviously if this is abused by anyone, there would be action taken against him. And it would not actually ban any account, it would just mute them until staff had time to verify.

I would gladly and with responsibility do this, as would many others who already report the bots. Without any kind of compensation, only to help the game and help combat the goldsellers - because I hate rmt, cheaters and botters.

PS: The only game I know of that ever did something comparable to this was Dark Age of Camelot. They had players in a role named “Eyes and Ears” and they were a bit like private GM-Assistants. As far as i remember this worked fine and they were a boon both to players and to Mythic.

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