Give us "Void ore" for other gathering professions

With the next patch, it will be pretty easy to get some legendary T5 ressources like Smolderhide, Tolvium,…

Thats nice and it will give back some value to T5 ressources. But it lowers the value of every gathering profession trophy besides mining…
I make a lot of money with Smolderhide and Scarhide and for this I had to invest a lot in my 600 GS Skinner Set and an very high amulet with the skinning perk and I have 3 Major Skinning Trophies and the best buff food…

Give me something for that I do need so much luck… Yeah, there is the Infused Fur, but you find that so easy and they dont get bought a lot.
Void ore its way better balanced, I think.

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Have you tried getting Sumptuous Rabbits?
Holy moly.

Hehe, not yet… Yeah, maybe farming t5 buff food might be a source of money. I’ll look into that one, thanks :smiley:

Still I would like to see legendary hide or fur or even meat comparable to void ore, after the changes from next patch.

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