Give Us World Bosses / Dynamic Events

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Hey guys/gals. Boy am I getting hate from the forums lol. Everyone is yelling “he’s an Amazon shill, he’s getting paid, he’s high on copium” lol. The list grows…. But hey, that’s ok! Listen AGS… one thing I have been hoping for and wanting to see soooo bad is the following. Now this really would be LEGENDARY!!!

When you guys brought us the winter convergence event… the first time I experienced the gleamite meteor shower was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in an mmo, period… the sound stopped me in my tracks and I was seriously blown away. If more of these types of events were added to the game, it would be absolutely amazing. I wish so bad that I would have caught at lease ONE of these moments while recording. It was that impactful. Talk about total immersion in an mmo. I sure hope you guys are working on mor3 <3

Next on the list…. World Bosses and World monsters!! There was a game that fizzled out faster than New World, too soon ? Ok sorry lol just a little humor. You know I love this game :wink: And that game was blessed unleashed. This game had so many problems but guess what, not a surprise to many here, I still played it. Now this game couldn’t hold a candle to New World. But, it had such an amazing system that kept me playing. Among all the issues, horrible UI, dated graphics, clunky combat system and horrendous inventory management, it had one thing that was the best in the genre, hands down. And this was world bosses. You could be running down a mountain or trudging along the road and look to your left…. Standing there would be a giant troll as big as some of the buildings in the game… And the closer you got, the more people you could see, like 50 other people, all working together, all trying as a team to kill this giant creature. It was literally amazing. People were running around resurrecting each other, no matter the race, faction just helping everyone. And once the creature was downed, you got this huge wave of euphoria. It was epic. Please add something like this to your beautiful, immersive game and it would bring so many people back. Just my thoughts.



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