Giving Double XP for crafting XP undermines the achievement of everyone who got it the hard way

i spent atleast 250k gold on leveling up my crafting professions and grinded my ass off for every level.

what is the purpose of an MMO if the time you commit to achieve something difficult suddenly becomes 50% less difficult it will make all of us who achieved skills grandmaster feel like shit

my suggestion if that is the case make it into everything except crafting skills

Edit 1: it seems that a good chunk of the people here dont know what an achievement means so
an achievement is: a thing done successfully with effort, skill, or courage.

now imagine your effort got underminded by 50% :slight_smile: (ok it seems like most of the people here dont care about Achievements so add double progression to all achievements and then ill stfu and be happy :slight_smile: )


It used to be a lot easier. You probably got it the easy way. Gitgud. Less cry.


Devs, don’t listen to people like this. You know crafting was less expensive and easier on launch than it is now. Double XP is warranted. Thank you! :grinning:


fake news i leveled them up and got skills grand master about 2 months ago

Doesnt make me feel like shit at all. I gathered everything for myself except a lot of regents. Why do I care what another player can do? It doesnt effect or diminish my game at all. What diminishes my game is all that effort for 99% RNG garbage combines.


Doesn’t matter if it hurts your feelings. It was much easier on launch and incentivizes people to craft. Kthx.

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and to anyone that argues by that logic why have double XP even its because weapon XP and character XP are essiential to have fun in this game so i support it but Crafting XP doesnt impact your ability to have fun

wouldn’t people have more fun if they got double crafting XP? :grinning:

aaah honey… you are in for a disappointment!

mmos are just treadmills… whether you like it or not that effort will go to waste when the new shiny thing comes up!

Ohhh btw, that shinny item you crafted? enjoy while it last… AGS has no problem making it worthless!!! go ask heavy healers if you don’t believe me


someone else crafting doesn’t affect your ability to have fun either.


I leveled to 60 on launch and then to 60 on an alt. Crafting was MUCH easier back on my main. That’s why I don’t oppose it at all.


These forum posts get stranger by the day…


No because if you are too poor to level up crafting to 200 then you are too poor to even be crafting.

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bruh I spent 1.5k hours grinding my profession and I still haven’t got skills grandmaster idc if they give out a crafting exp weekend. Let everyone have their fun


u sound poor.

I don’t really care. Getting a craft to 200 is pointless anyway since you need a bunch of other stuff to make usable gear. Armoring is 200 and I haven’t used it since like January. As things stand they could just give everyone 200 armoring right now and it won’t make a difference.


what Ready said.

a bump for you sir.

You forgetting the patch in like Dec or Jan that nearly quadrupled required XP to max level?

I do.

If you leveled up then, it was THE EASIEST time.


“I suffered so you should too”