*gj amazon!* Great axe need BUFF


because no other character other than range character is played in the game at the moment
I said that if you destroy GA, the only counter of range characters, this result will be inevitable. But you chose to listen to some players who don’t have brain cells

I repeat, this feature should be reinstated. : Light attacks and non fully charged heavy attack: Reduced homing range detection from 4.5 meters to 3.5 meters. as other nerfs should be but this feature definitely shouldn’t be nerfed

and as an extra: today i found out that fire mage will get a buff in the next update XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD
Who is making these decisions???..
It’s clear that those who made these decisions didn’t play the game.
-Which character is played the most?

  • X class
    -nerf it now
    This is exactly how decisions are made.
    the decision maker doesn’t think at all, he doesn’t think “what will happen if I nerf this character?”
    If you destroy GA, only range is played in the game.* WHY? because Range counter does not have any other melee characters. Please understand this now. GA nerfs would be fair if the game had characters like Dagger, 2h Sword… but they don’t exist. please understand

majority of player base are GA users, with the nerf it just require you to actually time your attacks and spells rather than just left clicking to win.


lmao - OPR is still full of them

OPR is still full of them on my server :grimacing:
Those bothered by the nerf seem to be the minority from what I’ve witnessed in game.

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is this a joke? The player can easily escape from me even though he does not dodge. because the greataxe nerf is not 3.5 meters, it is much less, maybe 1.5 meters, so it is impossible to catch ranger characters. Whoever claims otherwise has not played greataxe before or is malicious.

and i will make a video for it

“Great axe needs buff” - No, it doesn’t. It wasn’t “nerfed”, it was fixed. GA was the most broken and overpowered weapon in the game. If you need to whine, cry, and complain about losing your exclusive overpowered status, it only shows that you need to put your head down and learn to play.




Great axe and hammer is still the most OP build in the game lol

The fact Grit is given to strength builds and not Con builds…means axes and hammers will always be OP. Having a melee class that can hit for 3-6k, AOE, has best stuns, roots, snares, chase abilites, and run away abilites…AND cant be stunned…is insane.

You wanna feel broken…go run sword and board. You wont kill anyone. you wont be able to catch anyone. you wont be able to run away from anyone…you will literally just be annoying to kill…and any success you have is because your team did most of the work…


GA has Reap, Charge, Grav Well, Bloodlust and a 3.5m lunge still. The only people complaining are the ones who spam left click because their lunge isn’t the same distance as a dodge roll anymore. Stop throwing all your spells randomly and actually time them.

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^^^^^Except the old man in the background is the lifestaff saying he’s been there since birth.


im still topping leaderboards in OPR and its still so hard for me to lose a duel.

sorry the buff exposed how bad you are.
dont worry, you can do well too!
turn your brain on for a change and practice.


grit needs to be given to all 300 stat for each attribute tbh


It needs moved to 300 con

This makes a lot of sense

you are topping leaderboard as a Gaxe user? your healers must be goddamn awful

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Lol this guy just found out you actually have to aim in this game. Bet he pairs it with the skillhammer like the 80% of ppl who play OPR. This game while continue dying at this rate with this shitty meta

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aiming perfectly at a player that is pressing ‘w’ results in a miss right now. I encourage you to go play a few games as GA, it only does well against below average players as it stands

Great axe didn’t get nerfed nearly as bad as Ice gauntlet and fire staff. So your complaining just looks childish and sad…

GA has such a wide arc of effect that you don’t need to aim. You just need to be pointing roughly in the approximate direction, give or take 60°.

hm some guy I was just 1v1ing that plays gaxe/hatchet was practicing on me as a firestaff/rapier and he said he enjoyed the practice and said most mages he fights are bad, and he doesn’t have problems with most range

his words idk lol

this is weird