GJ Amazon! Range META

OPR only plays BOW, MUSKET, FIRE,ICE,VOID, really thanks amazon for that. Please don’t rebalance again, every time you balance you’re screwing into the game. You are considering buffing the FIRE staff on top of everything else. XDXDXD fire staff deals 3.5-4k damage and you think fire weak ahahah. :smiley: You threw GA in the trash. It’s not playable because of the bug, it’s impossible to catch ranges with War hammer, there’s only one hatchet left, you’ll nerf it soon. I’m deleting the game until you can adjust the melee range balance well (I guess that day will never come)


It’s still mainly GA/WH on my server in OPR. Void gauntlet is everywhere too I agree on that part.

Its hard to have a discussion on an issue that the author has phrased in such a hyperbolic fashion. I will try to discuss what I think was the intended issue.

We have definetly had an increase in diversity of builds since the GA adjustments. OPR is still mainly GA/WH and is won by most melee/healers on a team.
When there is more ranged players even if it equates to the same as melee that is actually statistical evidence of diversity. OPR teams are assembled randomly so of course there will be incidents where particular builds dominate some teams. I’m sure if someone did say 50 OPR and recorded every build I would bet melee would dominate outside of healers compared to ranged builds.

If the issue is you think GA nerf was too much I actually agree! Lunge should be somewhere between what it was and what it is now. All other adjustments were reasonable and justified IMO.

I play rapier/bow so you can assess my biased.


This is nothing wait for the shotgun patch and then for the pistols one as well .
then you will see a true ranged meta .
Ga/WH guy with a healer with him is still un-killable so i dont know what you are complaining about .

Look my friend, I don’t know what server you are playing on, but the exaggeration? hahahahaha i laugh at this 80% range is played in OPR 20% melee melee most of the players play hatchet. and we can’t catch any range character. Those who play Fire+ice build ‘‘burn out+ ice shower’’ Those who play Bow+Rapier ‘‘Fleche + Riposte + bow movement speed passive skill’’ there is no way to catch those who have this build

In GA they have reduced this feature to 3 meters of homing range detection, it must be reinstated. this feature does not work even from 1 meter because it is broken. First of all, this needs to be fixed immediately.

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They did a bad nerf for ga , look most of people play range dps now , im ga / hatched , maybe some people say ga is op ,look there is player who play it even now , but when i que for opr , i saw most of people as range maybe 3-4x mele u saw , but most of people are range now , and funny is opr should not be possible to que as team with 5 player maybe 2 would be okay , and the system is broke , why cuz who have group will be same team so?
other way as a mele if I don’t have a healer to cover me enough i would die in 5s max by geting shoot from musket or bow people.

If u think ga is op , just change to ga and que opr with out invite your friends/guild mate ( absolutely with out healers ) , so u will see whats going on.

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I don’t believe the 80%/20% ratio it is anecdotal and hyperbolic to state such a statistic. if there are more builds than before that shows you there was some semblance of balance taking place. I am on Rocabarra on EU.

Why chase range? Chase them away sure, but the aim is to hold a point. Which melee do very well and obliterate anyone who comes near it. I don’t cross the map to attack the musket user I Los and let him move onto another target.

Pure range is less than pure melee. Ie. theres less users using bow and musket compared tk ga and wh. Theres a lot of ppl using bow/rapier or fs/rapier or ls/wh which is a mix but you probably think it counts as range only which is incorrect. Anyway that was me humoring you saying more ppl play 1 ranged weapon and 1 melee weapon (compared to dual melee)

In actuality, my server is still mostly ga/wh and it deserves more nerfs to the stun stack

There were those who objected to this topic that I opened 20 days ago and said that I was exaggerating :slight_smile: are you still here?

You obviously don’t play firestaff. With 300 int, Fire staff does about 1200-1500 damage on a heavy attack. Fireball does the same damage. Pillar of Fire does about 2k damage. Incinerate does 4.5k. (Good luck hitting with that).

The kiting meta is boring, I agree, because there’s very few wayt to counter play it. If you want to melee at this point, you need to go full emerald, Use GA, Spear or SnS. Those have the best gap closers. SnS/GA is your best bet. SnS/Hatchet works pretty decent as well if you can land the combo right, same with SnS spear.

Other than that, go range, be better at sniping than the other guy. Personally it’s the IG Ice Shower that bothers me the most, the rest, not so much.

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