Gleamite showers missing?

Where are them? Since tge TP fix I go to several locations in WW FL EF and they dont show up during nightime.
What happened to them?

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They happen, have had them fall a few times now. In fact I’ve had them fall on a winter warrior fight a few times haha. Now that was a treat.

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yes but they should happen in a lot of other areas as well.
But not anymore

Wondering if they charged it to be less predictable? Which I think would be a really cool feature to make these events less farmable and more random feeling.

one of the coolest feature among all the events. Its not the gealmite wich people farm but the event boss

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I think because they have the warrior as farmable this year, they turned down the rate of the gleamite by a lot. I’ve seen about 3 drops but last year it would have been quite a bit more. I agree, it’s a shame because they were really neat to just luck into.

Last year the shower happened quite a bit, it was fun and needed to be able to get the winter event items.

I feel toning that down cause the the world boss which is new was not the best idea, feel like they toned it down too much.


compared to last year i havent seen as many. I still think gleamite should be added to the game as a legendary crafting material. Its cool to see them fall and i dont want to wait a whole year to see them again


if this is true, why they didnt listed in the change log?

Have only seen one or two actual falls… and they were when the winter event boss was going… NOT good to have them together! But other than that… nada. It they have reduced it then they’ve done so too far! And it was also the main solo-able content for getting the tokens. The winter boss is only “farmable” as a very large group… and they all dried up after the first few days

Because the Winter Boss is a miserable farm without an absolutely massive zerg. Had a group of about 15-20 last night going at him for 20 minutes with no healers. Brought him down to maybe 60% in that time, then group size doubled and we finally managed to kill him after another 15 minutes. Maybe if everyone wasn’t running machine gun musket, it could go a little quicker.

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yes! we know how much @Blackxp likes randomness hehe. I agree, randomness is so much better. Unless you are farmin…

btw, how the heck do i quote someones comment, i guess im doin it wrong, but when i used the little chain icon under the post, it used to show what they said, now it just gives a link, can anyone help a newb out??

oh wait, there it is, what the heck

I believe the gleamite showers are triggered based on player population in a given area. The higher the concentration of players, in the open world areas of the gleamite drop locations, the more frequently the gleamite showers will occur. I could be incorrect though, as this is only my anecdotal experience between WC 2021 and WC2022.

I did some farming a cupe night ago and ran into 3 gleamite shower deposits HOWEVER I never saw or heard the shower itself.

I have a spot i would spend all night at last year. this year when i went there first couple days it was consistant exactly on time same time each night instance. but then all of the sudden it stopped and now its rare for me to catch a shower happening there.


same here

Same, its like after ppl asked for more gleamite drops, they instead nerfed them heavily.


By any chance did the sudden drop in number of gleamite occur after last maintenance, when they botched up the winter quest chain?

@Aenwyn @Luxendra @Fenne have the gleamite showers been nerfed this year? Do they exist in Brimstone? According to they do not and seem to be very rare across the map. This is one of the coolest parts of the Winter event… why would they make it so hard to come by? :frowning: