Gleamite showers missing?

I may be mistaken, but I think it has to do with relative player numbers in the Gleamite Shower locations. You could test this by getting together a group or several groups of players to see if you can reliably trigger the Gleamite Showers.

It wasn’t like that last year… I remember being out farming and I would see them all the time. Now I’ve been waiting hours in the same spot and nothing. The spots seem to be near the Winter Warrior spawns so why wouldn’t they come out when the zerg is at that particular yeti? If it had to do with a concentration of players, that is. I hope the CMs can answer.

Havent seen a single one this time.

I really enjoyed running into them, shame.

Wish AGS would focus on the fun. Just reduce the amount you get from them, not reduce spawn rates, at least it makes it more fun.


i dont think so because i always it gleamite showers solo to hog the resource and nothing was ever wrong until mid way through this years event.

yep true to that

I think the big diff is last year they happened more often. This year, they only happen at night. There’s a rotation and ~15m delay between the showers, meaning there are 2 or maybe, if you’re lucky, 3 before it gets light again.

I go to the same spot every time it gets dark. Seems to roll like this. There are 4 scenarios that seem to rotate at a given spawn point, once per night. Gleamite immediately when it gets dark, half way through the night, right before dawn, or not at all.

It does seem way down from last year.

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