Glitches, buttons and missing resource texture


The first bug is that very often such glitches appear on the screen. There are the latest drivers, updates, the Windows 11 operating system. This is a small part, because I simply do not have time or I am too lazy to press PrtScr (Print Screen) on the keyboard every time. Below are screenshots.

  1. 1.1

  2. 1.2

  3. 1.3

The second bug is that the buttons disappear. Pay attention to the screenshots. They appear and disappear and I cannot say why this is happening. Below are screenshots. On screenshot 3.1 you can see this bug too.

  1. 2.1

  2. 2.2

The third bug is the most common. I added it because why not. There is no texture here. Screenshot 3.1 – shows the problem, 3.2 – coordinates.

  1. 3.1

  2. 3.2 (MAP)

There are a lot of problems, just horror. If possible, I will create topics, but again, where are the competent people who should follow this? Glitches just kill all the desire to play and return after a while, when the game is finished.

Сreating a topic on the forum is just disgusting, because you can not trivially edit the text.
What the hell is this? ↓

Translated from Russian using Google Translate.

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