Global Cross-Region Gameplay Progression / Character Transfers / Server Switching

Hi Everyone,

What this post is…

This post is somewhat a discussion, complaint, suggestion/request and also a call to action for everyone to leave feedback so Amazon can make changes for the future because it’s too late for these changes to be implemented for 3 hours time…

Global Servers / Cross Region / Single Realm

This game currently has global names & company names which doesn’t make any sense when the actual gameplay progression isn’t global.

I have 7 friends in the US that will be playing this game and 5 of them are going to be loading into the European servers at EU Launch just to get their names then logging off for 6 and 9 hours waiting for their region to launch. You might as well rename “Central Europe” to “Name Reservation Server”. As for European players, I’m sure they will see a negative effect of having a ton of people creating characters on their servers, maybe playing for an hour and then logging off.

Who at Amazon Games thought this was a good idea? I would have rather had the game delayed for another month or two and Amazon actually fix this because it’s ridiculous. Very irresponsible especially from a company that has a shit ton of experience in the world of accounts and infrastructure.

The game doesn’t allow you to create a character in a server in Europe and then play that character in a server in US East… According to Amazon Games’ Live Chat the characters are even locked to a specific server within a region… so you can’t use your character on the European server of Asgard and then use that same character on the European server of Midgard.

Global Cross Region/Server Progression

I can understand the issue with having a single global server with local relay servers, it simply couldn’t handle all the users but the game should at least have cross-region/server progression.

The game would be significantly better if you could at least have a “Port character” feature allowing you to transfer a character from Europe to US East any time you want, and likewise even if that feature had a 10 minute transfer time or cooldown. The way this would have to work is it would have to remember what companies/factions you were linked with on a specific server so if you ported back to the server you wouldn’t have to go and re-join a company/faction.

Friends - In today’s connected world.

The problem with the current setup is it stops people from playing with friends from all over the world… no one wants to create 2 different characters for 2 different areas of the world.

I’m sure many of you have friends from different places in the world, I am European and have many friends that I enjoy playing games with in Europe but I also have friends in Australia and because I work at night in the UK I also have a lot of friends in America both East and West coast.

5 of my friends in Europe have asked me to join them to play the game at launch, but I also have 7 friends in the US that have also asked me to play the game with them at launch… I am having to choose what friends I play with which sucks as I can’t put the time in to play 2 different characters/servers.

I even have 2 friends who are in a relationship, but currently live apart one in Australia and one in the United Kingdom, and they both are eager to play this game but they will only get a few hours to play together each day, they’ve decided to play on the European servers because it releases first in Europe but when she has to go he will have to continue playing on the European servers with lag / high latency because he won’t be able to port his character to a different server…

But it will ruin war mechanics / tax mechanics

Simply add different port/transfer options, amazon could pick either of these options:

Option 1 - Port Options

  1. Short Term Port
  • Free to move to new servers whenever
  • Max taxes apply to all zones
  • Unable to participate in server wars.
  1. Long Term Port
  • Your character is locked to this server for x days
  • Zone taxes apply on port.
  • You are immediately able to participate in

Option 2 - Ports based on time/days played on that server.

  • After x hours / days you will gain access to zone specific taxes (rather than max tax rate) & be able to participate in that servers wars but you will lose access to your previous “home servers” zone specific tax rates / server wars.

Example of a games company fixing this…

Most of you will be aware of the game Diablo II which was released in 2000, followed with an expansion (Lord of Destruction) released in 2001, this game suffered with the same problem of having US East, US West, Europe and Asia as the 4 servers that you could choose from. If you created accounts/characters on Europe, you could not play those same characters on US West for example. It was region locked and quite a lot of people disliked this, it wasn’t as much of an issue back then because the internet was significantly less connected however as the years by it became more and more noticable.

A lot of modded “private” servers that came out for the game solved this by simply having a single realm and it allowed people from all over the world to play with each other, trade with each other and just have a better experience.

Activision Blizzard & Vicarious Visions released Diablo II Resurrected recently and in that re-release they too fixed the problem by having a single realm allowing everyone all over the world to play together, if you created a game it would simply pick a server that is closest to you.

The functionality exists already

Many people on the likes of the Amazon Discord tried to make up excuses varying from it being “impossible” to “it will cause database corruption” of which is not true, if implemented correctly it’s very possible to migrate characters and Amazon has enough server, data and developer knowledge to implement this correctly.

We only have to look at their launch day update where they acknowledge that it is possible to migrate characters to another server.

One thing that’s’ not good is the fact that in their post they said “at no cost” which makes it seem like they already planned to have the ability to transfer characters but with a fee, it just hasn’t yet been implemented.


If people want this to change in the future we need everyone to make Amazon realise that this is something we want…

  1. Post in here giving your feedback.
  2. Submit feedback in game by pressing ESC click on "Game Menu" and then click on "Submit Feedback", after which leave them some feedback for this, if you want you could even provide a link to this post so they can understand the issue and see that many others want this changed.
  3. Tweet at PlayNewWorld & AmazonGameStuidos with the hashtags #PlayNewWorld #NewWorldMMO or use a pre-written tweet link and modify to your desire

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your time :slight_smile:


Agree 100% only thing I dislike about this game is that characters are server locked, may stop playing because of this


Thank you so much for the nice analysis. I agree 100%. With all the examples in the past and present and Amazon’s global presence, I expected a better solution than this.

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I agree with you.
A company like Amazon should program better Charakter Management in a game like this.

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+1, would be nice to be able to transfer your character to a different server, even for like 10$.


I know one friend has already requested a game refund because they wanted to play with a few friends from Europe & America but they’re all on different servers so he can’t really do it.

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yeah said thing is they will never allow swapping its pretty much a design choice

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They have the functionality / are working on the functionally but in their news post they put “at no cost” which makes it seem like they want to add this as a paid feature.

A fee for transfering your account to a new server in the future which I don’t think is right considering the price of the game (Deluxe)


yeah it should be free, there should be restrictions but not making it paid considering the community is split in different servers

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Yep, agreed. That’s why I gave two different options of managing transfers, to try and prevent it from being abused.

Of course there are probably some other things here that I’ve not thought about that would also need some restrictions.

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Having a phased open world is part of why WoW doesn’t feel like an MMO anymore and just a theme-park that just happen to have other random people around you. Characters locked to their servers strengthens the sense of community in the game because you will see the same players around instead of just random players all the time. It could be cool if you could visit other servers but this should have a limiting factor like a gold price or some kind of resource you have to craft IMO. I really don’t think this is an oversight, but rather a way to make the game feel like a living, breathing world / sandbox.

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Hello eveyone. I hope support team will read this message.

My cousin started playing New World 4 days ago. I created my character in his server. His char is 30 level and mine is 22 level. We don’t want to start over. My boyfriend tried to create a character in our server too but he failed. He said that he saw a warning message; ‘Character Creation temporarily disabled on this server to prevent overpopulation.’ If we had known this would happen, we wouldn’t have started in Thule server. How are we going to play together? Like I said before, I don’t want to start over.

A great example of an issue that can happen, there was a guy in the server I am in talking in chat about he wants to switch server to play with his friend.

He didn’t realise his friend was playing, they’re both 30+ and obviously don’t want to switch…

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The " Europe to US East any time you want" is coming according to twitter. But let’s see how amazon handles this. I would even give them my money to transfer from US east to EU… lol.


They cant handle “PING” issue. So I dont think this will work.

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Thanks for the post! I sure hope they come out with a cross continental server transfer/character transfer! Personally I wouldn’t even mind paying a small fee to transfer my character to the server/region I actually want to play on. My character is on a US East server, but I wanted it to be on an EU server, but it wouldn’t allow me choose it until recently. My character is level 54 and I don’t see the point of continuing to play if all my friends are on an EU server and the only way is to restart from scratch after putting in all this time! New World is a great game, and I really enjoy playing it! But this needs to be addressed ASAP! Adding a cross region character change would make so many members of the community happy and help the game continue to grow!

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This is just unacceptable. We both know that there is always a way to transfer between regions, even if the transfer takes an hour to transfer it’s better than not giving us this functionality.

The world is a LOT more connected in todays games than it was years ago, many of us have friends in the other sides of the world and we want to play together.

You also have to remember that people travel, some even move country… what happens to player X who created their character in Europe, moved to America to live and now has to play on EU servers with high ping/latency because the game doesn’t have the ability to transfer characters…

This sort of functionality needs to be implemented, also users shouldn’t have to pay to transfer servers more than the one free token just to have fun. There are better ways of preventing users from transfering all the time, like in my options I used taxes as a means to “punish” temporary transfers.

You’re just asking to lose a crap ton of players by these sorts of restrictions…


And that’s it, i am not playing any more of this… Wasted my time. After looking on reddit it seems like it was confirmed that you would be able to, now they are backtracking. It is unacceptable. My main, i have been playing for over 90 hours on… waiting for the region swap, but now it’s only world swap. They should have informed us about the limitations of this.

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Thank you for your support and replies. I hope everyone can meet with their friend.