Global storage (Improved)

The “new” storage update definitely makes things easier for the player.
(Moving items from settlement > Settlement without any cost, no matte who controls the territory)

But even though it’s a step in the right direction, it can still be a lot better.
It’s tedious to have 15 different storage tabs, where the player have to remember how your organized each “location” (Where you put the different types of resources).
It creates a lot of “checking” and moving forth and back, to find what you need, as NW got tons of different items.


Turn all storages into 1 global storage, and add a search mechanic where the player can click which types of resource categories it wants to be displayed.
(Smelting, leatherworking, furniture, etc)

This way everything is gathered in 1 place, and with 1-2 clicks, we can easily and quickly find the exact item(s) we are looking for.

Would be a big QoL change in my opinion.

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yikes, this would likely require redesigning the entire storage system.

i think that it’s more likely if we ask for something lighter like custom tags/labels which could be used to identify the storage.

you can ask but not sure if AGS will change this.

Personally i like it being slightly segregated so i can keep certain sets in a certain area.

obviously making set groups to search and grab stuff by, a proper search by perks,
or even an ALL tab would make life a lot easier.

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