Global timer and why it is not in the game?


This is quick post. Why were is no global timer in the game for elite chest, crafting materials and other stuff. This would make this game more enjoyable then you don’t need to follow all timers in the game just put auto reset for all CD’s for example at 8:00 in the morning.



It’s coming in March update where cool-downs reset at 5 AM CET

It’s a proposed change coming in the next patch. Tbh I think it should be implemented now. Why do we always have to wait a month for things that should just be hotfixes?


6 months


Oh ok so i missed that on patch notes. At least they trying(if you can call it trying) to change thing to the better. Cose for now it feels like 50 euro Beta test product.

It’s not trying if they are actually doing exactly what you’re asking for. Why are people so negative?

Change of design does not carry the same urgency as a game breaking bug hence why it’s not a HOTfix… otherwise everything can be classed as a hotfix.

Fair enough.

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