Glyn Cagny merge

Hi there I’m currently merging from Saena just wondering how it is over there faction wise, territories etc? Thanks and see you soon :slight_smile:

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Hey there! Nice to meet you. Im from Urdarbrunn and we will be merging into the same server soon.

We’ve managed to get a recent screenshot of Glyn Cagny.

This is a screenshot of my server, Urdarbrunn:

Now I am kinda curious about your server. Can you share one with me?

Sorry I’m not at my computer at the moment to take a screenshot of our map but the entire map is owned by green as every other faction left, I’m syndicate myself so hoping to have a bit more to fight for once we merge :slight_smile:

It’s all green, but half the companies that own those have left the server already. Saena is extremely low pop at this point.

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The above screenshot is indeed correct. Glyn Cagny looks like this at this moment…

It is a friendly server, good to play on.
Hope the merge goes well.

most of the worlds that are merging into one another in this group of servers are mostly dead, this is by no means going to radify the gaming experience, we are looking at about 450 or less players on at peak times with these changes. Its a pretty useless merge of 5 dead worlds, im sorry to be the barer of bad news but i truly think AGS is just picking worlds out of hats at this point and saying “lets merge these ones”. OPR is still going to be a distant memory, like ffs can they not add a transfer to the store so we can pick our own worlds to cater to our own experiences?

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