[GMs Help] Server transfer help please

Hello, i have been abandoned by friends, they moved to a new server and if i were to move with them i’d lose all my progress since i moved from a german server to play with them, but with recent server transfers the one that i moved on and they played on went from medium to low pop and nobody was active anymore, now i’m stuck on the low pop server, is there any way to get a free or a paid server transfer? I don’t want to level from 1 again, i’d rather quit especially everything is harder to do solo after 55+ and i don’t want to waste time leveling again, as i have a busy college / work schedule that does not allow me to go back up to level 55.

Can you help mods?

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@Luxendra Can you please give me an answer?

Unfortunately, as stated in the megathread here, everyone receives one free token transfer. As for a paid server transfer, we will most likely not discuss that until all of the server transfer issues have been resolved and players who wanted to transfer had the ability to utilize it.

Also, the Support section is for the Support team assistance :slight_smile:

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