Go scream at your kid not the support staff

^^^ literally the last people you want to be throwing insults at or belittling right now is the support staff. the LITERAL people that have been communicating with us nonstop since release. Not to mention they are the ones that pass our sentiments on to the devs.

Id hope they dont have kids if theyve been sitting and waiting for what? 8 hours now? Poor kids

And this is exactly the reason we should scream…

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when i say scream im encompassing insulting belittling threatening. All the things a normal well adjusted person would know not to do to the people who are relaying information. Just important now to foster a good constructive relationship with the support staff and devs

You coud atleas say something like “scream into a pillow”. why do you want people to scream to their kids ?

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So you think that the conversation:

"Hey community manager, there was a giant delay in yesterdays patch, how is the community feeling about that?

No issues, no complaints, everything 100% fine."

You think that this conversation will be of any use towars improving the ridiculous situation? :smiley:

? because your kid has just as much of a reason to get screamed at or insulted as the support staff or devs. That was kinda my point

You really think people should take their frustrations out on children?

Well, you do you I guess. Sorry for your kids.

so you think that the quality of the relationship between dev and player doesnt matter? We should just be insulting and critical by default?

yeah i understand this might be a touchy subject i guess but just a way to describe how the insults directed at the staff are unwarranted. im not advocating for people to actually scream at their kids. its an equivalency

We are not talking about medical staff with 26+ hour shifts,
we are not talking about public transit workers who add value to our lives,
we are not talking about janitorial workers who clean up our sh*t
nor are we talking about support staff.
This is a development/operations team(s) responsibilty to deliver software updates.
Amongst their tasks was to plan/design/deliver patches in an orderly fashion such that their customers will suffer as few hardships as possible.
They have failed the abovementioned task.

Yes there are [a whole lot] worse things in the world, no argument here.

A costumer working with a realtime software solution, having a day of downtime, will drop the provider no questions asked.

yeah and to that i say just stop playing dont insult or just be down right mean. I agree with everything you said.

Of course we should be critical. If we are not critical, they do not receive feedback on how to improve.

Insulting? surely not.

All i am asking for is that they start with bringing EU back up. EU is having wars and invasions right now. There has even been some cases, where people lost their territory because of this desaster.

For what? To ensure that some US guy can farm wood at 13:00?

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never any situation that requires you to scream at your kids, thats just wrong.

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