Godlike monster ideas and maybe taming?

Please add big ass krakens, some
Boat raids/ boss battles big ass sharks, swim feature, Poseidons some viking boats and other culture sea gods… neirids, sea nymphs… pirate raids… secret islands of course with the ghostly touch ;). I am loving the pirate theme. Also I am really enjoying the animals. Please add more types and stuff maybe we can tame as pets/pet dueling. Be cool to put a wager on pet dueling. Also Amazon please put in South American stuff too like Aztec Jaguar :leopard: skins and those cool ass fanged helms from a pacalypto.

Blinks… Gosh, such a stream of consciousness there. So many thoughts and ideas in one short paragraph. I’m not sure they’ll have the time, just yet, to add your suggestions but I’m sure your enthusiasm and efforts in creativity is appreciated. :wink:

Im sure they are planning something but we dont know :x

That is cool! A pirate ghost ship… Eeeek! :-0
Yes, I agree they likely have lots planned to add, just may take a bit of time.

I also love the pirate ghosts theme and it does offer up great potential.

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