Gold and platinum metals are useless

I leveled jewelcrafting and I have to say that platinum and gold metals are useless. Even the trading post has platinum and gold posted as 0.01.
You can level the entire profession, craft some meaningful jewelery that you can actually sell using only silver.
This needs to be adressed to add more value to platinum and gold as metals.
Make it so lvl 40 crafts require gold and level 50 crafts to require platinum. I think this was overlooked and doesn’t work as intended right now.
Stone has more value than gold and platinum.

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This is the case with most resource chains. The base form, whether it be fiber/linen, iron ore/ingot, fish filet, is the most expensive at trading posts.

This game has completely whiffed on MANY fundamental constructs of what makes an MMO viable longer term. Technical glitches, class/skill/weapon balances, even lack of content are not overly difficult to address. But when a game goes live with multiple fundamental issues, targeted solutions that do not yield unintended negative consequences are very difficult.

I recently found that you can use platinum ingots to craft 530 gs jewelery. This is not a bad turn afterall and now with more people learning this, price for platinum ingots increased from 0.06 to 3 coins.
Still, these metals should be more valuable.

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