Gold Buying in High-End PvP Companies

Why are we sitting here even playing your game if you’re not going to crack down on your own ToS?

Do you know how prevalent gold buying is in these high-end PvP companies AGS? Please do something about this!

I guarantee you every single one of these BiS’d out PvPers in these high end companies are buying gold. Very rarely are people actually even spending the gold they’re making in these companies. They’re investing in buying gold from gold farmers, then when they take territories they’re selling it back.

Look, I understand most of you in AGS have given up on doing any sort of moderation to your game because of how much you’re bleeding players. I just want to know, if I drop money on Gold, how likely is it for me to get banned?

Cause if you’re not going to do anything about it, why are you even going after bots, why don’t you just add a cash shop to this game where I can buy gold? It will severely hamper the RMTing going on in the only people actually playing your game.

Would love to know AGS opinion on why it’s okay to not ban these BiS’d out demons in PvP who buy their way to #1. Thanks for reading!

Nothing like wandering in here with a new account and making accusations with absolutely nothing to back them up. Great 1st post.

That’s not a wild accusation. Thank you for the warm welcome and amazing feedback you’ve provided. I’m sure your wisdom is endless as is your post count.

Did I say “wild”?


…why no, no I did not.

Man, you really are just racking up that post count. It’s a shame they don’t make you a moderator! Your endless input onto their system surely isn’t appreciated. Maybe you should look at other forums that respect your diligence!