Gold Disappeared from Company Treasury - I am the only member

  • Character Name - L0ey
  • Company Name - Just Business LLC.
  • Region US East
  • World / Server - Castle of Steel

Hi, overnight 350k of the 400k in my company treasury disappeared. I am the only member, so there’s no chance anyone withdrew it. No one else has access to my account or my computer.

Hello logan-joseph,

Welcome to the New World’s Forums.

Thank you for your report on our Forums of this situation that you are having with your disappeared gold.

Due to the nature of this issue; I’d suggest you to please help us escalate this behavior of New World to the developer’s team contacting Amazon Games Customer Support using the link below so they can help you with your request including your logs; Keep handy the following information:

  • Character Name.
  • Region.
  • World / Server.
  • Computer Specifications.
  • Logs.
  • The previous troubleshooting we already made.

Here you are the steps to get this information just in case you need it:

  • To find the DxDiag:

Press Windows + R, type “dxdiag” into the Run window, and then press Enter.
Click the Display tab and you can see information about your video card under the Device section. Please write down that information.

  • To find the logs:
  • Go to Windows Start search bar and type dxdiag.
  • Click on dxdiag.exe.
  • When green progress bar goes away, select Save All Information and save the file to their desktop.

Thank you for all the patience and specially your feedback. (づ ◕‿◕ )づ

Screenshot 2022-04-14 5.56.31 AM

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