Gold disappearing (25k) after making sell order on TP

When creating a sell order on the TP, I selected the price, dragged to sell all of my items (pure solvent, a few hundred of them for ~1 coin iirc), and then clicked to create the sell order. After confirming, my coin pouch went from ~98k to 75k immediately, and didn’t revert. I’ve logged a few times, and the issue persists. Is this a known issue / are there any of causes for money to just drop? I dont have any large buy orders up (non at all actually…), and don’t know of any way that this could happen naturally.

Maybe you added an extra number to the sell order and the tax rate eated your money? It’s hard to say, but happened to me once, you won’t receive your coins back even if you cancel the sell order, too sad for me.

Congratulations! :partying_face:

you know what would fix this game , just add a zero and a dot to the front of the game version.
and that is it , everything makes sense and there is no reason to complain .

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