Gold Duplication from Character_Persist_Failure post 2

Sounds like a game killing big bug to me… lets hope they do something asap


I’m sure hundreds of thousands. Imagine those large companies who have transferred with the taxes they made from towns.


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@Tosch this needs to be addressed asap.

Push! Come on, I dont want a roll back!

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Thanks for the reports, this has been forwarded to the dev-team for investigation.

PS: Note, that anyone who is exchanging gold/items like this, appropriate action will be taken as it is an exploit.


I think it’s already too late for that. We might need a roll back asap. It’s not a minor bug, it’s nearly a gamebreaking one :smiley:


Agreed on this. Imagine the millions people have duplicated, and the void ores.


Oh boy you need to see the bigger picture here. Gold Seller will abuse this until the fix/ban as long as the coins are somewhere safe they dont care about the punishment. We need a rollback with bans for the acc abusing it to make any impact on them.


You couldn’t fix it for 6 hours. Imagine buying something from Amazon and your cargo is arrived in 6 hours. Maybe Shipment Department must start to work on this game? We didn’t pay to watch this game, we paid for playing.

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Jesus, stop posting this kind of exploits/bugs on forums, you’re just making it worse. Fuck logic.
Edit the original post or something until thousands more exploit this.


The thread is literally called “Bugs and Exploits” or sorry, I mean next time I’ll write Mr. Bezos a personal letter or just don’t address it lul


There are other ways to report it, what would you rather do, report it here or directly and privately to devs. Really?

Ohh thats how people get 500k in very short time then? ;D

we already saw how slow the devs are so do you want to make it private and hope they will do something or push them to do something by making it public? :slight_smile:

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That’s not our business. If such a bug is reported and public it is the task of the devs / mods to take further steps. They know that the bug is public in the forum and if they didn’t want that, the servers would already be offline or the post would be deleted. ^^


I dont think posting it here will push them anyhow. If they’re slow they’re slow, this way just more people will see and use it. This wouldnt matter if they do a rollback but god knows if they will lol

I think @Finalwynn is right. It’s a problem which bothers the whole playerbase private reported or not. The exploit is used already by too much people to get it out of the game with just a few bans, etc…

I just say it since i know it from Blizzard they also had information about ppl privatly but did nothing but the moment ppl start saying we will post it public and tell them you did know about this is when they start doing stuff so sadly for alot of companies posting stuff public is how you make them work faster on a problem since lets be honest the bug was abused by ppl posting in on discords where more ppl actually will read it.


Not sure how this is going to be handled, are there ways for them to find out who did it and who didnt?