Gold Duplication from Character_Persist_Failure post 2

They must rollback the server, i can’t play because of this problem for 10 hours. And also what if i send everyone in Hellheim 30K money? Would you gonna ban all of this guys and me? You can’t track all of them and you can’t rollback their characters one by one. You must fix it asap or you will have hundreds of empty servers.


Even if they can track gold sellers and buyers, imagine there is 2 hater of this game buying everything from market with this bug. 10K for a tannin? They made another player rich so he can buy anything else from market. Think about it like billions of money is in circulation, thats so funny.

In no World will they punish that for the simple reason that you can just send money to anybody. Don’t like him just send him 500k and get him banned OR send him 500k he doesn’t get banned but has the chance of not having his money removed. (or buy the full AH mats for all legendaries so it runs out)

This is it Amazon, you did it, u fucked everything harder than even possible. You either revert which I can even imagine you’re not capable off, or you ban half of all players or half of all players own the whole game with legendaries with everything on 200.

It’s over guys the game is legit over if they don’t revert it.


I just sent few GMs here private messages detailing how they are doing the gold dupe. For obvious reasons I won’t be posting the info public here. Lets see what happens if anything.

please fix this asap and take this thread down so people don’t try to replicate


@AGS take the servers offline!

Its probably not as big as you all think, just relax.
For them its pretty easy to find the people since an error-code is tracable.


Lets hope so. Otherwise some servers now have a destroyed economy.

And here I was thinking I was rocking with my 180k hardworking gold from 100+ hours farming! This game is literally making me disappointed!

what do you mean with not big?
ppl buying items in ah and the item got into plenty other hands… only a rollback would work

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But how about “washed gold”, u bought gold from someone, or put it in your company bank, then company leader takes the gold from it, buys something from AH, seller gets money, spend it on taxes and stuff, and the chain get VERY untrackable, and whats worse - non revertable

Hate to say it, but u got to expect rollback


They can’t fix armor and skins clipping through the character’s hair, do you really think they are that competent? If they couldn’t create a simple code for that? Even the news skins that have come out today are the same!

Or they won’t because they don’t care. If they care about this game they must do it 6 hours ago. They’re wasting money on another game again, New World will also be a disappointment for Amazon.

Rollback, wipe. Yeah, we lost few weeks, but wipe right now is better than lost exonomy for years.

Gg guys, here we go.


This is getting absurd dude! I was fine for the few hours last night but wtf. You have reports that this is actively ruining your game and there’s no plan of action, no communication (twitter anyone?), and no action on servers (temporarily taking offline, rollbacks)…

What the fuck are you guys doing?


The Devs may want to consider “A New World Reborn” at this point.


Only viable way is a roll back, no other thing is going to fix the issue generated, doing rollback you don’t need to ban anyone, everything is going to be like two days ago.


Yea if they leave things as is I’d probably just wanna wait for brand new servers anyways. I really don’t see how they can even proceed without a full rollback at this point. Even if they caught it within an hour things would have been rough. At this point 12 hours have passed and any person or group that knows what they are doing has likely duped, moved, and reinvested millions of gold through dozens of accounts.

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the problem is, you will ban/suspend the person who is exploiting, and will take the gold they gained off them, but i bet you don’t trace that gold and yank it from the people they send it to…and then once those people use that gold to buy stuff from other players, it’s already too late…currency exploits are the one thing a game company should literally stop any and all game play til it’s fixed, because once that currency starts to spread, it’s too late and the economy is damaged for pretty much ever…

sounds like the dev team has never played an MMO before…


They should fix it or ill quit … seriously whats going on with this game … as a legit players we got screwed so bad now

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