Gold Sales Spam?

Why wont Amazon get rid of the Gold sale bots?

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They probably are but the gold sellers just buy new account. They are all sitting on gold cap several times over due to duping and botting. $40 for a new account is a drop in the ocean compared to what they’re making.


u can help them (& urself as well) in two easy steps:
1.) report that annoying specimen;
2.) then block it.


Gold sell spam is most likely because of the companies that own territories are selling gold for real money on your server and every server.

This is hugely incorrect. $40 is a lot.

They use steam family share crap and just make a new steam account.

Bans are only tied to the Steam Account and not some form of internal game license.

Ie. Buy 1 account, make unlimited bots.


Aigth there’s an exploit for that too I see. Of course there is, it’s New World.

This is broken AF, AGS need to remove the Family Share or make something about it.

If the bots buy the game over and over, at least maintain the servers.

I see why they like the idea of family sharing…but let’s get real, this isn’t a family game.

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I would say, depending on the severity, certain bans should apply to the family member, certain bans should apply to the purchase. If my little brother or whatever does something stupid and cops a 24hr ban, I shouldn’t necessarily be affected by that. But with things like RMT and exploiting, everybody who is riding on that purchase should be hit by the ban.

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A good number of these types of sites are buying the accounts with stolen credit cards or through other means of credit card fraud. They have accounts to do the farming, accounts to hold the gold and accounts to spam chat. The chat spam accounts are basically throw away accounts.

The way to solve the problem is to go after the buyers. Is harder to do but that is where any impact would be felt.

They have used gold dupe bug since release, and got most likely millions of gold they can sell. No need to buy any accounts.

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