Gold Sellers are Flooding servers

On El Dorado gold sellers have come and infested global chat. Buying and selling gold.

Make sure to use the Report feature in game as well as the block one to clean up your chat.

I definitely do. Just felt like posting about it here to just complain.

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Sur le serveur Caelum aussi c’est la folie. Les développeurs ont-ils réfléchis a une solution ?
au dela de perdre notre temps à les Signaler, les joueurs ce laissant tenter vont très vite créer un déséquilibre … ( argent “infini” = équipement max, XP max via les tableaux, avancer des factions également déséquilibrer… bref la total).
Le jeu étant basé sur l’économie général… Les ventes risques de nuire beaucoup au jeu.

I’ve started seeing this on the server I play on as well (Finias). I’m assuming there must be some major exploit out as one of the messages claimed they had “over 10 million gold in stock”.

Quanlu server as well. I just block them. I stopped reporting them since they are from different accounts with same website address.

Am getting the impression that since it cost money to buy the game when a account is banned, AGS/Amazon is making a profit and does not want to prevent making a profit even when said money used by those gold sellers might from stolen funds. So question to AGS what is more important? Making a profit with letting these gold sellers buy accounts and try to get people to visit that website that might contain viruses, or fully combating these gold sellers by not accepting their money?

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