Gold Sellers Spam

So, you know what really grinds my gears???
Gold sellers spamming all day/night.
They said they helped get that toned down, but it’s back in full swing having to report and block them…
That brings up another point… How come yall can’t have it to where when we report someone it auto blocks them. If yall want us doing your job and reporting this stuff… At least give us the decency of a reach around and block them after we report them… come on man!

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I haven’t found out yet, is there a limit to how large our block list can be?

I guess we will see?

Imagine if AGS actually worked quickly to ban the bot accounts that are feeding the coins to the RTM account. However, until AGS actually starts stopping the supply of the coins to the RTM accounts, the RTM accounts will have coins they are looking to sell and use bot accounts to spam the chat to sell it.

For reals. Like why not hire some live GM’s to watch chats for a bit to put the auto ban hammer on accounts.

I guess my server is dead as I’m no longer seeing gold sellers in chat.

They don’t have budget to pay one GM for every server, please understand. Smol indi company struggles to keep up.

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