Gold Spammers Pls stop them. Raise level Required to chat in game

Can you please raise the level to talk in in-game channels to stop the gold spammers. Why on earth did you leave it at level 1 to talk in channels.

Level 10-15 would be a start. The spam is getting out of hand right now.


Just a hint but if you mouse over their username in chat you’ll get the player options screen (invite, add friend etc) which you can use to mute/block them.

Is hard to make an automated system to shut them up, so a GM would be necessary for perma ban those good for nothing.

Upvoting. This needs to be implemented in order to help deter the bots. I have close to 50 gold sellers on my block list in the last week alone, it’s really getting out of hand.

Not a viable solution in the long run, because if AGS hypothetically make it level 10, all of the bots will just level to 11. And they will start spamming. Like I mentioned previously you’re just hindering new players on your server and players creating alts on another server.

AGS needs a better chat system one where you can add filters and block out certain messages from showing in chat. No need for limiting players chat on the basis of levels. It’s been done over and over on private wow servers and it doesn’t work. You end up using Spam Throttle addon from WoW so that you don’t have to deal with it.

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