Golden Scarab Crafting using too much Azoth

I think making Golden Scarabs use 300 Azoth a pop is resulting in some bad mechanics in crafting.

I had Greatswords made, but you can only queue up 3 at a time for max Azoth. If you are mass crafting, this really hurts RNG being able to craft 3 then 3 more, etc.

Also, why do you require Iron Battle Medals (strength craft mod) in order to craft Dex Great Swords? This seems to be an error that needs to be fixed.

Your rng isnt any better if you craft more things at once, it may just seem that way but every single craft goes through the same rng. Only thing is that its annoying to have to craft something, exit crafting station, salvage azoth bottles and then scroll back down again. Just wasting time

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I craft all the time… it certainly feels different for the Scarabs.

I would have been better off just doing the timeless shards and locking in one perk.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this actually wasn’t the case though lol

There is a Azoth reduction mechanic in PTR

Why? The crafting needs to be more rng anyway, scarabs ruined everything as predicted

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