Golden scarab gonna ruin economy

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Go play Job Simulator if you want a game to be grindy.


Personally I think its great - I think once you allow level 60 players to tailor make their own sets to exactly how they want it, you unlock an entirely new game.

Im talking about freedom to try a build out with the exact perks you want, not second guessing whether you like it or not because its not exactly built the way it should be.

As someone who has been playing since release and has tried every build under the sun - this is a big step in the right direction. Nobody should be subjected to the gambling simulator that is the crafting system.



Its an mmo dude :joy::joy::joy::joy: and btw for the last like 5 months ive been logging on daily to do a bit of pvp and upgrade my gear. When getting gear isnt a challenge at all then what will i be doing? Opr 24/7? I just wont play or ill be afk. 10/10 change

Yea I’m glad it’s pretty common , we can make 2 perks PVE gear more easier, I’m looking for a forti perforate / corrupted ward piece for WEEKS on tp.


Most builds are already cheap dude… only absolute best meta builds are expensive such as bruiser because of wars. Mage weapons for example are all SO cheap its not even funny

This is me not caring that I will finally be able to afford cool muskets.


And you still gambling 1/6 for a legendary craft and mods price will go up


Awesome how you dont care about the future of the game and only about the fact u can get some pve item :joy::joy::joy: btw i just looked and theres like 10 pieces like that on dry tree trading post

with the current droprate of BiS gear in M10’s. U will have same result in JanuaryFebruary anway

Yeah it just feels half-arsed, if you will, settling on a piece from the TP because some guy is price gouging a piece… or I simply cant find the item I’m looking for. I can perfect my gear sets with the scarab - this will be awesome!


So what??? Craft 30 items at once and youre gonna get at least a few legendaries. And with the fact armors (for example) have super high chance for resilient its gonna make bis armor worthless

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: you cant actually be serious right?

What if… crazy, but hear me out, they just added more perks and then we had more options as well thus reinvigorating the economy while also giving us new enjoyable builds.



Full DEX ?

Idiotic? Weird. Seems to me that they could add them in further on down the line, maybe in the next patch. Doesn’t seem so idiotic to me. Or do you just not care about the future of the game?


Yep, 3 full dex and 1 full con

What are u even on about? :joy::joy::joy::joy: so basically your vision of this games future is to make bis gear super easy and just add 10 perks a month to the point we have 100000 different perks to make crafting the stuff you want even worse?

The best addition they ever made to the game. Golden Scarabs will break the Bis market hopefully so nobody has to runa round with trash gear anymore and I can finally craft my weapon perk + Ward gear. Thank you AGS for adding these Golden Scarabs and dont forget to fix it they dont have a Gem Slot on Epic.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: THIS is exactly why ags must never listen to pve casuals with 50 hours. What do u even need bis stuff for? All you care about is spamming the same easy dungeon 10000 times. You shouldnt have a voice at all