Golden scarab gonna ruin economy

Most of the weapon perks are useless, a lot of the remaining perks are useless. BIS pieces might actually be like 17%/15 ~ 1% and that’s being optimistic.

Also you just don’t just craft golden scarabs pieces. The cost in timeless shards and craft mods is damn expensive.

That guy was saying they should let us choose 3 perks, not even talking about the scarab. And for most items theres always 1 perk that has a pretty high chance and is bis, so basically you guarantee the rare perks and get bis every few crafts. You think thats good? :joy:

stop crying so hard, if you’re not happy, there is the door


ones buff doesnt mean that there is not needed others nerf, you are just so simp that cant see that, and thats ok.
and i know my english is not great, but im pretty sure said something about that.
But for sure you are a simp so w/e.

Why make pointless changes? :joy:

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Notice how only casuals with no in game money and 50h play time disagree :joy: imagine trying to have an opinion on a games economy without being involved in it

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So… eloquent.

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and now we see who actually is the who wants this game ruined :rofl:

U can keep crying but ags will make the scarab rare anyway because they def arent about to ruin the economy :joy:

You are the only one upset in this whole post.

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I agree that 10% on a 1 hr cd is too high.

The rest of what youre saying? Uninformed and rude.

I have probably 5m of gear bound to me and 7k hours of steam time in this game. I might have THE MOST steam time out of anyone in this game and probably competing for the most ingame time. I even think the min max, 30/30 bis perk grind is way too time consuming and rng.

There is bis gear costing a lot of gold, and then there is bis gear never even rolling on your server and requiring transfers and discord servers to find.

Chances being raised with an item that is somewhat obtainable is fine and needed.

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If you actually read you would of seen I showed no care i said if it effects the game they would fix it

  1. its not a flex to say u have 1 year worth of play time on a video game :skull::skull::skull::skull:
  2. making bis so easy to get is doing nothing but killing end game progression, making dungeon loot obsolete, removing the satisfaction of min maxing your character and of course crashing the economy. Nothing good out of it at all :joy:
  1. Correct.

  2. Dramatic and not true. The economy will adjust to a much needed change.

The economy will literally crash bro. Bis armor is already quite cheap so imagine what it will be when its super ez to craft

How is bis armor quite cheap? bis chest pieces sell for more than the cap on gold almost always. for one piece of one build.

The time commitment to farm for that is insane when you consider people want to play more than one build. I have maybe 3 or 4 i would LIKE to play, but when the truth is i only have one at BiS, guess what i feel compelled to wear, given i dont want to be a detriment to my team?

And since when is having/crafting BiS gear the endgame? It isn’t. Winning wars is the endgame. And to be the most effective at that you want more than one build you can play. Hell, I know a lot of people with barely any war experience specifically because they refuse to play anything other than their BiS’d out bow build. That doesn’t get you in the door. Have those people “beaten the game”?

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more for personal use my friend, will help to get those neiche items people don’t sell.