Gonna miss those 1V3's [video]

lots of changes comeing soon and with heavy taking more damage after patch with fortify change and some elemental changes on weapons whats my fellow heavy users going to change up? I may try full aversion with fire condition perks as well, depending on how much crits do with the new modifier i may drop some resiliant to.

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We are all taking less damage and most of us re putting out less. You will be fine

With the changes to Freedom they might as well remove stuns from the game

Yea, vault kick for spear will be useless, we lose 20% cc duration while medium gets 10% less cc. Think for full freedom shock wave will feel like a slight sneeze

Personally I think the heavy cc chain with detonate crap isn’t a skill move. If the wrecking ball hits it doesn’t matter that I’m in medium with four freedom, I die and don’t get to move my character during it.

It exists due to bad game design, and the devs are absolutely correct to remove the added cc duration from heavy.

Duran Ironhide was the first I saw abusing this design, and there have been quite a few copies on our server since. You’re probably the best using it, but that doesn’t mean it’s a skill build.

Unfortunately this won’t be the last bad design I’m sure.

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Yea but they coulda made it so detonate had a animation wind up or give diminishing returns on cc. I can guarentee no one is gonna use vault kick anymore, if shock wave didn’t have a rend then people wouldn’t use it either with the new patch. Medium users get a free 30% freedom now against heavys and 20% against medium bruisers. Think I’m mostly worried about less melee users and more range/magic

I am going sw/spear with full elemental aversion. 25% thrust and 17% fire resist currently. I’m just waiting for it to hit and everyone do the bb/FS they have been prepping for.

It might happen, but melee players should be able to adapt to it within a week is my guess.

And we can do that without locking them down to zero movement I think. Slows are very effective if you can predict their escape route

i mean, these are still not live and still on ptr, they might change it so there is still place that CC matters, as tanks should apply hard CCs

Who could have predicted giving everyone an aoe nuke would be problem


Knockdowns are king