Good Bye New World

First of all, I don’t want to rude or toxic here on the forum. I just want to leave one last feedback, which is why my journey in New World ends today.

I know there are several opinions and mine only reflects that of a hardcore PvPer. Please keep that in mind.

Until yesterday- you could still achieve almost all goals by being a PvPer. You could farm talers in OPR, you could include World PvP in the chestruns. You could craft weapons and armor that corresponded to the endgame.

Until today. Since today I am forced to go into dungeons to push my gearscore and my weapons. And Dungeons are something I do not enjoy in any MMO. (Yes I play MMO’s exclusively for PvP).

I had a great time, it was fun - but this compulsion has gone one step too far in the wrong direction for me. Do not get me wrong. Everyone who loves this kind of content and likes to play is welcome to it. But there should have been a better alternative way to push your gear score as a PvPer than the gypsum system.

Thanks a lot and good luck!

Romez :slight_smile:


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