Good Game! Thank you devs!

Hello devs!

After playing for hours on BDO, I can definitely say that your game is really fun, engaging, and absolutely better to play. I am not kidding you, its touch and go!

1.] All of the activities are enjoyable and straight to the point from A > B. You also don’t need to press twice to collect the resources like BDO does it.
2.] Processing resources are straight forward, it makes you just want to go out for more and back like crazy! Yes, this is really good and waaaay better than BDO, because, you don’t have to wait for anything - Bang, boom, done!
3.] I really love the durability system. It’s a lot better than BDO and you can always repair your gears at any point (with the acception you have enough coins and repair points).
4.] The combat and skills is a little lacking compared to BDO. But, don’t get the wrong idea here, because, Rome isn’t built in a day. It will surely improve overtime. Also to top it off, the combat looks stable and not clunky.
5.] PVP is completely separated from PVE with a simple toggle. When I heard about this, I feel a lot more relaxed and enjoyed your game waaaay more with my friends. Also, with this feature sorted, I am totally going to call more of my friends to hop on and chill!
6.] Fishing! All my lord… fishing is waaaay better than BDO by a mile! I really enjoy this, I really do! Thank you devs for making it fun!! Hands down!

1.] Uhm… is there any optional subscription to support the game? This is the first thing that comes to my mind since I played a lot of MMOs. Without an optional subscriptions where are they getting their funds to support the engineers and servers? I understand completely that they have their own server… but come on, at least something to support?
2.] Horses? Anyone??? I would also love to see trade wagons…
3.] Possibility to grow your own vegetables? If possible??

Sorry… I couldn’t think of any other cons. The games just feel good, really engaging, and a lot better than BDO in so many ways. I am so glad that New World has given me the chance to destress and not feel down.

Thank you for making New World a reality devs! Thank you!!


As of one dev video ago, they are looking into mounts and in the design stages of building that.



Thank you. I will take a look right away!

You can always suport by buying skins like i do ;D

why are you even comparing NW with a sh.tty game like bdo ?

i treid bdo
it only took 3 days for me to give up on that sh.t hole

to lwl my str in bdo i had to walk around with heavy stuff on me… and it was automated…
so i wasnt even playing the so called game… i just left my pc open and my char walked around…

thats not a game… in my book

Skins are skins. But I hope that there will be something else like an optional sub? Or something better???

Well, back in the days where New World is kinda… unstable. Now it’s good and I can confirm that the game is good as it should be.

I played BDO for nearly 3500HRS and let me say that New World has won me over in 37HRS. For example, the gathering mechanics are waaay better in New World (BDO can’t even touch it), and the processing stage? New World just hit BDO in the face “I am better BDO, give it up!” xD

Overall, BDO doesn’t have trees falling when you chop them. New World has it… that is a landside WIN!

Good on you devs! Keep improving!!

All moneu from in game shop going to ags :slight_smile:

You can support them by changing servers, which people are forced to do it if you want to play the game… :clown_face:

Do not listen to the whiners. Keep up the good work AGS.

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Totally agree! Also keep improving and make BDO feel even more shame!

Hi Devs! I voted for you!!

Optional sub is not very optional in most cases, I’d rather see pure cosmetic things like battle pass, where you get some skins, dyes, housing furnishing etc.

Battle pass could be another option. I don’t mind that. But, in the store,there should be more pets? I love to collect pets. :slight_smile:

absolutely not. Battle pass systems are toxic AF and are not healthy for keeping players active. Causes more resentment than commitment from players.

What is your better way to monetize the game?

a better color dye system in the shop, for one. I’m not gonna pay money for a limited use dye, but I’ll gladly fork some cash to have said recipes to make more dyes of said cash shop dye.

Best way?

Hands down, would be to expand the cash shop to have waaaaay more skins. And i mean like a lot. And in different colors. People will pay mad cash to accessorize, they need to triple down on this.

Dyes, black and white please, i’d pay a fortune to get a true white and true black dye.

the shop should be bursting from the seams with different outfits and styles at all times. That’s where the real money is at. I don’t even want to admit how much i spend on cash shop skins when they are really good T_T

There is no way this game can be monetize only by skins, dyes or furnishing. I don’t believe it, this is not going to happen and there will be some big bad.

I’d happily spend money in the in game shop if all these skins are not ugly as hell, but they are keeping their words. Before game came out, they told us that there will no be better looking skins in the shop. All good shit will be obtainable by playing, which is something we should respect them for.

And with addition of transmog system, that is coming next year, we’ll see less and less people using these shop skins, because the fact is there are extremely badass skin sets you can get just by playing the game.

Uhm… well, I don’t mind supporting the devs in any way. This game is currently going in a good direction. But, the items in the shop need to be improved. I don’t see anything appealing. :frowning: