Good idea for less RNG

I think it’s better if the gear drops with only one attribute instead of two. This will make the gear less random. Also, I don’t see anyone offering gear with dual attributes for sale. A lot of it is thrown away. what do you think? Or is it just meant to be this way?

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I think it would be great if crafters where able to reroll/change attributes after. Make crafting profession more valuable and even more used. And as you pointed out, dont waste so much gear with good potential just the wrong attributes


Your idea is great and worth considering. I hope they put it in the game, or at least something similar.

Dual attributes can’t be timeless sharded so a lot of crafters don’t touch them. Some people like me keep our stats a perfect piece away to swap between 300 con and 300 str with ease. Much easier to keep track of it all with one attribute per piece instead of having to swap out multiple half stat pieces and such. Aka dual stats kinda suck.

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Yes, because of this I no longer get excited about any legendary equipment from enemies and monsters or elite chests. I keep my legendary equipment that I find from the open world in the storage, most of them have poor dual attributes and they are not suitable. So all of my gear was bought and built by other players. I really hope they look at this aspect.

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