Good job AGS! patch notes are really promising

I’m very exited to do OPR now that I can get rewards from doing damage also the update on rewards is super good makes it really worth it now. also I’m hopeful the work on fishing will bring back gold from fishing because I love fishing its just not very profitable like mining lodestone lol. all in all I love the changes good work!

I see what you did there!

Now you need to win 9300 OPRs to upgrade a full set to 625. Really promising rewards brotha

9300 is better than the number nearing infinity that it would have taken before.

1 bump a day on a 600gs slot only yields a few umbral shards

Dude most people aren’t even on a server that can get into OPR let alone 1000s of them. But yes baby steps are a good thing I agree with you

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Hopefully the OPRs not filling will be rememdied once enough pvpcentric players hit 625.
We have a decent pop on my server, but its still not filling up because theyre in expeditions right now.

It wont be fun to play vs them tho :rofl:

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Umbral shards rewards from OPR need to go LIVE, not on PTR and we wait 3 weeks.


These changes are amazing i agree as well !!

another way of looking at it. its 4 opr wins to upgrade that crap 590 fury to 600.

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