Good News For Small Servers!

3 Hours ago - We will also be merging servers on Monday so if you are interested in helping us test these out, please make sure to hop on over the weekend! We will only be merging servers in US-East and EU-Central.

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Just saw it this is brilliant news. I would emphasise that this is a PTR test, many people are going to think mergers are happenig on live. Finally things are moving - Also the weapon balance feedback as part of the forum PTR is good news.


“finally” lol. ok man.
y’alls expectation of the turnover time for results is way too low for any development team, idc how much money their parent company has.

but yeah anyways, nice

The expectation is to be able to play on a server with enough players to actually have functioning core content and an economy. That’s not too high, it’s very basic.

My comment was on “finally”, as if they should have had this done as soon as it happened. As if development takes no time. As if problems don’t present themselves in differing environments regardless of the amount of internal testing done.

Oh. the merge is this monday. better start farming.

They’re going to test it first. Monday, you can join along in the PTR and test it out.

It’s on the test server

Are the tests only within world sets or cross sets? I.e. only us-west to west, or us-west to east?

You will have to ask Kay or one of the other moderators. I don’t have any answers on which areas and how this will work.

Well they said it’s only US East and EU Central, which I would interpret to mean that mergers will happen only within those regions and not touch other regions. So US East to US East, EU Central to EU Central, etc. But like the man said, we’ll have to wait for additional clarification.

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