Goodbye New World

I love this game. I really do. I have a total of 1224.5 hours played not including the closed beta and open beta. I have enjoyed every moment up until the past few weeks. I live in Alaska and maintained a ping of 70-90ms until a few weeks ago. Now I am consistently at 170-180ms. I’ve contacted support and they had me run through a bunch of things, none of which helped. Turns out it has nothing to do with me, I get good ping in every other game I play. As unfortunate as this is, I just can not keep playing your game. With this ping it is unplayable, it’s been weeks like this with no fix. This should be a massive priority, as much as a priority as the servers going down. You are actively losing players because of this. I know others that are leaving the game because of this. You need to fix this quickly. A fix is already overdue in my opinion, it’s been weeks.


Performance for me has nosedived this last patch.

I blame the snow.


You’re going to be the last one on an empty server that’s collecting dust and you’ll scream “No one cares that you are leaving. Just go” into the empty void and receive no response.


Don’t feed them. I spent a moment looking at their posts, this person isn’t worth any attention.


Stop caring so much about people that are leaving jesh!

I care


Why do you not care that a large portion of the playerbase is getting turned off to the game and wanting to quit? Don’t you think it would be better if people didn’t want to quit?


Same here but weirdly only in wars. FPS drops from 110-90 all the way to 23-3 but only happens in wars. Everything set to low, resolution lowered to 1080p, bandwidth set to high. PC is beyond capable of running the game, internet connection is gigabit.

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That is over 51 days. It has only been out 80.

This is a you problem, I am certain.


same problem , used to have 90ms now i’m at 180ms , can’t PVP or PVE, i’m just farming and running with the zerg that’s all i can do.

They don’t and won’t care.


Some of us do care.


I like New World, it’s got a good foundation. It has yet to truly shine in my opinion, and so i’ll be okay if it disappears at this point.

Nothing I’ve said is exaggerated, it’s just not what you’d like to hear.

Merry Christmas.

Are you serious man? No one cares. Just go play something else. There’s no need to announce your leave.

Plus you lie also. 170 ping is very much playable and you are not going anywhere. What happened is that they’ve changed the route to the central server. This is not fixable. Just live with it…

Ffs I can’t stand goodbye threads. These need to be instantly locked…


no one cares what you think about it… you can leave right after the other guy

What large portion. Every hardcore MMO player is staying. Those that leave are usually leaving for stupid reasons.

Let them leave and built a community with the remaining ones I say

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I’ve always been interested in life in Alaska. How is it there?

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I hear it stops brain faction because it is too cold. Seems to be true

In all honesty, not sure why I keep playing this game tbh.

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pl take me with u