Goodbye New World

man ffs, everyone is just trying to argue… just let them bump it, and ignore them lolol

see… he’s replying cause he needs to prove a point I already know…

We do not.

In the games current state, it is a disappointment to me. It is not irredeemable, it is simply lacking.

If it disappears now, I will not be sad.

If the game continues forth, and gets better, I will be glad that it succeeded.

The point is, I will not be sad over a fumbled opportunity.

If the game fails, and AGS can’t get it right in time, no tears shed from me. They had their shot, and they blew it.

If they can slam dunk it, better for me. I already paid 40$.

I hope that helps.

much better

yes it did.

I am sad you are leaving New World for the Old World…

But ping is an issue for many and needs to be taken into consideration.
Alaska is a long way from US servers… as is Asian countries from the Australian servers. Why there isn’t at least one server in these areas, I don’t know.

Servers in Canada for yourself, and servers in Asia would change many people’s gaming lives. They wouldn’t have to fight lag every step of the way. You would be able to swing a blade and it would meet its mark.

I have played on the EU servers, I am in Aus and wanted to play with friends… but lag was too much of an issue. When I hit with my blade, my toon stumbled and made some actions that looked like she was trying to hit… then the sound of the blade hitting came seconds later… all the while not actually hitting my opponent. So I understand how much of a problem lag is…

There need to be servers added in new areas… this would help many and would help the poster of this thread as well.

This is like 16 hours a day, every single day, no exceptions. And just imagine the time spent making up for 2 days with no playing. I like NW, but no game has ever been that good, and I played WoW in 2005, in my early 20s, with no GF, and all my friends played.

Best MMORPG since Aion before it was turned into an endgame-breeze fast level title, killing the entire pve leveling grind experience.

Best since Aion, which was the best since WoW. Both are dated now. This is a straight up MMORPG modernized, it is unmatched. I have FF, stopped playing. Have BDO, laughable. Have ESO all the way through summerset, wayyyyy too different from what you expect in an MMO. Mobs level with you, no feeling of getting stronger in areas of the world, insane inventory/playercard system, I can stop on ESO right there without ever talking about combat or funky, chunky & clunky controls. BDO has no weight to combat, just slashing until something died & not feeling any of it. Too much grind. Any person who compares NW to BDO is a peon immediately in my mind.

New World is the MMORPG long time DISCERNING players have been waiting for. It is everything you “Expect” from a traditional MMORPG with new war/pvp systems & faction control & all of that. Tried everything, year after year, first one to feel as enthralling & able to take probably too much of my time since Aion. Even without speed scrolls or mounts (yet). Waited for years & tried to find something, anything, even remotely this enjoyable. NW is the best there is today & the steam record it set at launch showed that, regardless how many people jumped ship - good riddance to them, they WILL be back.

Mounts need is overrated; better to only fast travel FAR distances & go on foot to neighboring settlements, amassing resources the whole way or 5 minutes straight to with minimal stopping. I used to think travel was long until winter event. Winter event, even stopping to pick up presents every 30 seconds showed me the travel on foot in this game is not long at all & very worth doing, for all you can do along the way.

That said, mounts are nearly guaranteed. “We can’t tame beasts” is already handled in the lore with the cutless keys quest string for the dude who figures out how to do just that, with your help. Plus the data mined stuff for mounts. Probably when the map is much bigger, it will make more sense.

You got a better MMORPG that ticks all of the traditional western MMORPG boxes like new world does that is not old & dated & that is worth looking at? I want to know what game that is, we will see about that.

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I love this game play it daily want it to succeed and still think the lag and desync are on AGS. In spite of everyone’s early complaints two weeks after launch my machine ran this game smoothly. Only the very occasional hiccup. Something one could expect in any online game.

Within the past couple of weeks all that has changed and dramatically. People are running in place, mobs are ‘teleporting’, my character is freezing in place. None of these experiences were occurring prior to right before the 1.2 patch.

So there’s no way it’s just the patch Something on the AWS side or a minor unmentioned server update, but it’s not working correctly.

Did you discover/try the bandwidth settings? I was having a lot of issues like my fishing line would keep pulling until it timed out or being teleported/rubber banded often when traveling in settlements & I discovered that specific setting automatically defaults to medium. I set it to high bandwidth & disabled telemetry data sharing & it seems to have fixed it for me 99.99% of the time. It worked for me, worth a shot if you haven’t already. Not sure if upping the bandwidth or disabling data sharing helped, maybe both, maybe one or the other & your milage may vary, but I can definitely suggest it is worth a try.

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Pretty sure he likes the game, just cannot play it due to desync and lag. Thanks for the book though.

This I completely agree with, the insight just occurred to me slightly earlier. Traveling all over one territory for enough levels and you begin to realize how closely packed everything is on this map.

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I’ll check it out thanks.

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I noticed in areas that more than one tendril causes huge frame rate issues like where they added them too well the corruption area in northern morningdale and yes some ping spikes since our merger on us west !

That is just your confirmation bias showing and lack of IT knowledge. or a lack of imagination of other causes.

It well could be AGS’ fault, not saying it isnt. But saying it is their fault is not proof. Its just a guess.

Sorry to see you go. Have fun out there.

And yet you felt the need to come into a thread which you knew what it was about just to say that “no one cares” - that says a lot about you actually.

The developers are completely incompetent, the reporting system does not work completely, the bots have been alive for two months.
English is not my first language, so it may contain errors, sorry

I think you posted this on the wrong thread.

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Let more people know about it

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