Goodbye New World

Who needs performance and core functionality when there’s……,:tada::confetti_ball::partying_face: content :partying_face::confetti_ball::tada:?!?!?

For real though, you’re not alone. Perhaps some day it will be a priority. Good luck to you!

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:rofl: :rofl:

But SO AM I !
Yet I have lots of other activities beside playing a SINGLE video game for 14 hours a day.

Shame to leave for that reason. I guess if you tried to fix it then not point going through the usual stuff.

Maybe if you pop back after next patch a Miracle happens:)

See you when you revisit :slight_smile:

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Your Ignorance and Bigotry is showing

While true, it really doesnt do much to compare it to other games or websites. Since routes between A to B are not the same as routes between A and C, the comparison between B and C doesnt really do much to prove that B is the problem.

Stupidity and self entitlement is showing.

So he’s either lying or that’s some pretty scary math

I feel for you, I dont get to see my children over the holidays because of covid isolation rules where i live. I am using New World to distract myself from this reality we live in. Some people on these forums are so judgmental and have little to no empathy for others.

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Obviously if you judge any connection based off ping only you have no idea what you’re talking about, but good try

I do. Can I have his stuff, so I can give our combined stuff to players stuck in this game?!

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These people are harsh. I normally don’t care when someone quits over that persons feelings, but you have a valid reason to make a post. It sucks when connection issues ruin a game.

Even my connection is good and I still rubber band all the time in NW. I couldn’t image it with a high ping as well.

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I agree. I will come back to the game if they remove expertise and put out more pvp/pve content worth running.

I imagine those people with lag issues will come back as well.

Its almost like they should have taken another year to develop a product that was fleshed out and ready to play. It’s mostly there, but there are still fundamental issues exacerbated by lag… rubber banding for example. Other MMO’s are able to provide combat systems that dont teleport the player around the map and phantom misses.
The housing is terribly done. the whole thing is clunky and caused duping issues. The intern must have been responsible for putting that together.

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fanboi sheep just wanna consume its the blue hair dye

Same here… I came back for the winter event… something new to do and found the same thing… wars and, oddly enough, going up flights of stairs drops my fps from 130 to 36-40…

Stairs are OP…

Come on New World I know I’m fat you don’t have to remind me in-game with me struggling to get up the dang stairs… I was already getting a reminder every time I went gathering… with the hard time finding nuts… sheesh.

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haha you love sub-par unfinished games

I always love this generic answer. What folks seem to not realize is that this game needs players to create revenue, especially with no subscription. Obviously the OP likes the game, but finds it unplayable due to his ping. There was zero toxicity in his post, yet the White Knight club came out in full force to take a crap on him. Nice.


goodbye my friend!!!

I would argue that this is solely an addiction issue. It fits the definition of activity during severe depressive episodes.

Clinical depression, the depression requiring a medical intervention, can be correlative to disability of many kinds.

The point here is not that addiction is the wrong observation. Clearly there is an imbalance of some kind. Even non-clinicians can make that observation.

Rather there are probably an array of pressures that can result in this behavior. Placing the behavior solely in the realm of a single issue opens loopholes. Individuals can use those to avoid other questions about their own behavior.

I know this from personal experience. None of what is said above is meant to be an attack on individuals or their struggles.

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your a mouth piece for asmongold. think for yourself dude. youll have a better life