Goodbye New World

Eh, I don’t agree I watch Asmon I don’t feel like THX reps a lot of the opinions I’ve heard. THX seems in his own world.

Could of saved you the trouble… If you came to the forums you would have seen every post is surrounding lag and desync

It’s obvious 100% their end… Game engine, code, servers…

Players want a smooth gameplay experience and we’re not getting that… A lot of these no lifers cannot even take it… That should say something… You’re fan Bois and white knights are turning the table

You must embrace the lag. Jk. I stopped playing as well because of this. It’s too annoying to play.

And it couldn’t possibly be your computer, router, ISP, anything on the internet, or at the AWS datacenter could it? I’m sure all that is working perfectly 24/7.

Yep, must be AGS.

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You said it.

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Still can’t prove what you have been saying about me I see. Trying to deflect to a new arguement with massive copypasta.

I love living in your head.

Penfold, you are absolutely ridiculous man. Can you for a second go sit down and play your game and let the devs take a look into what is happening with lag/desync? Why do you feel the need to dismiss people that are experiencing these issues? It may not be affecting you, but it is affecting others. My internet is perfectly fine and I have 60ms latency on every other game, but when I play New World it is 120-200ms. Here is proof: (both screenshots taken at same time)


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Facts eat em

@Penfold - ur big dumb

What facts? And more insults. What a great debater.

I’m pointing out that the issue may be something other than AGS and that sends you into cognitive dissonce because it conflicts with your world view.

That’s on you.

I think you’ll remember this game fondly when you leave

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Dude nobody is trying to debate with you on here. We are trying to get this issue sorted out with lag and desync. You really must have no life if you’re going to sit on here trying to argue with people.


You gave an insanely high opinion of yourself and this forum if you think you are sorting this out. You’re just whining. AGS will sort it out or not. But you wont.

I didn’t say I am going to this sorted out, I said we are trying. As in the community trying to get the devs to notice it so they can take care of it. You are clearly on here just to nit-pick and try to troll everyone.


Why do you think that after 20 topics on this subject they don’t know?

Also posting screenshots of my latency is not whining. It’s providing evidence that shows there is an issue. You are that negative person that criticizes and tries to prevent other people from getting anywhere in life, aren’t you?


It does show an issue. I agree with that.

It proves nothing about who’s issue it is.

Even the most uniformed user knows that any one the number of routers between you and AGS could be the problem.

Yeah something is up for sure. I have no issue with any other game either. I get 170ms in game.



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