Goodbye New World

WTF would you post this? Byeeeeeeeeee

The same reason you come on here to make useless post that contributes nothing, because you can. Freedom of speech sure is a lovely thing. Now I’m sure both of us thinks the other is wasting our rights to it but neither of us actually cares about what the other thinks really. So let’s skip to end where we just ignore one another. :smile:

Leave the game and forum already honey.

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I think I’ll stay little guy.

So you’re another one of these “im going to quit NW, I hate NW” players but continues to play because its a great game?

No, atm I just log on to do my daily refines put them on the market board then log off. Just waiting for the issue to be fixed, then I’ll be back for good. I never said the game wasn’t good, just unplayable with my current ping. Did you even read my post?

Here I was thinking it was my end, upgraded internet speeds, I get around 600-1g download and 40+ upload as well(in shitty weather), yet the server (even showing I have 50ping) I get the worst Desyncs in OPR mainly, but it still happens when I’m out and about soloing or group play- in PvE.

Heavy attacks are most prominent and most noticeable… about half the time I do a heavy attack, I rubber band backwards from my initial spot (where I get the magnetic effects from swinging a melee wep)

Not sure what the other guy is crying about, but nobody is going to debate soeone with that type of attitude… that’s not a debate, that’s just arguing opinions when the actual facts have been brought up, the “Massive copy paste” is all simply evidence of his point I’d assume…

Anyways, I do hope they fix it, cause I’ve been taking a break myself. No reason with 40-50 ping on my server should result in this many Desync problems. it feels like I’m getting 200-500 ping at times… getting hit while trying to perform anything, even something as simple as moving will stutter… Drinking a potion while being hit there are also stutters AND quite often, I simply wont use the pot at all :confused:

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but you’re in here talking shit as if you do care, on a thread where if you really didn’t care: you’d not comment at all?

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I have had the same exact issue. At launch I was getting 100 ping then after an update, I am constantly at 200 no matter what. As someone who only plays PvP, it is starting to become impossible for me to play.

Not an airport bud

Yeah it really kills the enjoyment of the game with pvp especially. I too love pvp and I just can’t with the ping.

that’s not even the main problem either, it’s like the icing on the insulting cake…

OPR is filled (on camelot) with exploiters and bot aim users (not so much bot aim users but I’ve seen it several times, just not as frequent as exploiters) and not only are you up against decent PvPers, you have to deal with the chance of Desync where this game requires every second to count/matter but y’know…

So you have to fight against cheaters, exploiters, and the horrid Desync that seems to happen no matter what ping I have, then you go to the forums to express concern or simply to state you’re giving it a break due to the nonsense and you get TROLLS that LOVE to comment on your shit just to end up saying they don’t care, but they’ve still commented on the subject they claim they don’t care… Oddly enough, it’s like they just want AGS to fail so they dwell in the forums to agrue against every aspect of the game as if it’s not that bad… so AGS reads through, and now on top of all the nonsense that happens in-game, they have to filter through these dumb ass comments to read what the problem really is… not helping 1 bit :confused:

Then when you submit a ticket with a video, it takes way too long to get to it, or you end up seeing the very person that was reported with video evidence proving they ARE exploiting, and they are still playing the game lol it’s terrible, and annoying.

Yeah the forums are a bridge between the player base and the developers and where there are bridges, there are trolls unfortunately. They really are a waste of space and time.

“Me troll. Me like bridge. Me no like people use bridge. Me smash people. Me make people not want use bridge. Me is happy.”

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Do you own these forums by any chance?

The information you have provided is insufficient to conclude new world is the issue. Its more likely your still to blame. There are many reasons why one game will have a higher ping than others which have nothing to do with the game servers and are still issues on your end.

This is the reason your unlikely to receive a solution, and instead receive troll comments. GL but more then likely good bye.

I’ve already confirmed through support it’s not on my end. But okay.

i have 150-200 ms ping from first .and im enjoying game


pls send your material and items for me :DDDDD

And because you can enjoy the game at that ping then everyone should enjoy it. Right. Must be pleasant living around you.


Thank you for continuing to bump this thread. I appreciate it.