Got hacked had to format computer - Amazon please help

Dear Amazon , unfortunately i had a computer virus “.RIGJ” that encrypted ALL of the files in the computer. besides this it also stolen all my passwords etc and i got hacked.

I was able to retrieve the access to my accounts, but i was unable to do anything in the computer due to the files being encrypted ( Virus “.RIGJ” ) i ran several tools to try to decrypt the files but no joy. The only solution i found to be able to use my computer again was to format it.

After formating the computer i contacted amazon and explained my situation, where i was asked for game logs.

  • i explained the situation, that it was peculiar and had no logs due to formating the computer.

The request got raised to the devs that apparently denied a rollback of my account ( i was not even asking for money or itens, just a rollback do Wednsday when the servers were down due to the 300k money issue).

Due to my situation being VERY RARE i am here asking / begging for help to rollback my account to wednsday. the only logs that i have are from when i re-installed the game.

PLEASE help me this is not a normal situation and apparently its not writen in your guide lines either.

I have steam chat proving that i was hacked if it helps…


I’m sorry for what happen to you, in this case follow the steps en in link bellow and contact Amazon Customer Service through live contact in order to get help on that, there the agent will open a case to investigate your situation.

@Zaphkiell thank you for your reply, the reason i opened topic here is because i already contacted amazon support twice and the 1st person that “assisted” me was not really reading my situation and informed that escalated to the “Devs” and that i would receive an email.

This did not happened.
12 hours later i contacted amazon support again, and this 2nd person informed me that the devs refused to assist me and that the replied from the devs was just a few minutes ago ( until now i haven’t received the email either ) .

So what i am feeling here is that both my cases got resolved.
Case ID: 22fb8dd1-f737-4bea-b5e6-3f6a2a83de15
Case ID: b44adcdb-1891-4dfb-884f-d17e54c7cf2e

in both cases it seemed that the assistants were not even reading what i was explaining because asked several times what was the issue… ( i have both conversations saved) .

all i am asking is for a roll back nothing else.
this is possible and no logs are required.

Ok I’ll close this thread and PM you in a second to explain you a little bit.