Got the Twitch drops but I'm not seeing them ingame

I got the Golden Rage Armour but I can’t see it in game. I have everything connected with steam and twitch and its still missing. Can some1 help?

Hello @Dezadin ,

Thanks a lot for the report. Im sorry for any issues you got. Please check the following: How To Claim Missing Twitch Drops

Thank you so much for your patience and helping us during launch.

It seems that there are still many people that that guide is not helping, fyi. It tells people how to properly get the drops, if they havent followed the steps properly, but doesnt tell how to get drops in-game, when you have followed all the steps properly and received and claimed drops, but they still dont appear in game. Which seems to be an issue for several of the people replying to that thread. So maybe this thread is actually relevant as a separate thread, imo.

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