Got this keen, keenly empowered, sundering shockwave hammer the other day... I only play paladin; is this worth trying to sell, or should I salavge? pic inside

Sold this puppy for 400k today. Was just going to give it away but had a bidding war, instead.

I have this. Paid 150k for it. Worth every penny for my build.

You couldn’t just post on your server’s help or trade channel about this hammer?

Just asking here if it’s useable or should salvage that’s all =)
We don’t really have any active discords for my server.

Don’t take this as gospel but I’d heard a rumor floating around that “keen” type item buffs weren’t actually working?

I’m not sure, but someone on my server just offered 200k if I sell them it. But I said newwpppp

i got this drop for free in depths (named) so just sell it

When running a DPS build in PvE, I’m not a fan of keen. Most of the time, I’ll be attacking the backsides of mobs, so keen ends up being a wasted perk.

Should have sold it then. Keen is not good because of the crit pity system in the game.

So, along those lines… I’m using a 625 sword and 616 board (working on it still) where the sword has keen, vicious and (leach?) on it. Is the sword good?

listed the 200k bid, wrote the b/o is double whatever the current bid is.
Received an immediate dm offering the 400k, and I agreed on it.

It wasn’t the highest bid; I had a bid from a guy for 450k, but something felt off after the conversation with that guy, which is why I went with the 400k.

Am happy. Even if it’s worth more than it sold for, It’s going to go to good use for someone, and I’m happy with what I received for it.

So for anyone who sees this… the reason it still sold for so much is most PvE’ers struggle through Depths, so you’re not likely to find PvP’ers who want to do or can do it.

This is for any dungeon.
I sold a Dynasty Earring clone for 185k last week. It’s a better price than the potential time it could take getting the item to drop from RNG.

If you get a copy of something, don’t just throw it away. It’ll be valuable to someone, especially PvPers.