Got Transfer cd after the Merge

My Server got a Merge and now all the Characters has a transfer cooldown.

And with the upcoming changes we get a 30 day transfer cd for the Merge.
[Notice] Enabling 30 Day Server Transfer Cooldown January 25th, 2023 - Official News / Official News - New World Forums


So everyone who got a Server Merge is now stuck for 30 days.


This is really outrageous because we were also locked from transferring during the pre-merge period.

I contacted their support. They said it shouldn’t affect us, which seems to contradict the forum post.

I’m going to hold them to this. If I see a 30 day cooldown tomorrow, I am going to be pretty pissed.

@Fenne Can we get some confirmation?

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:rofl: Seems like Customer Service don’t know anything.

“… for Players … after 25th”


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Thoose are Humans… Humans make mistakes.

Specially if they are paid bad. :shushing_face:

Humans who make mistakes also should make amends for them. In this case, they scheduled the increase in transfer cooldown duration to coincide with merges that lock us out of transferring in advance.

Yeah That’s not the problem. The Problem is if you don’t try to solve the mistake.

How can u solve it, if u don’t know what u did wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:
I u show them, what they did wrong, they 100% say sorry and correct it ^^

HELLO AGS PLS FIX THIS ! i have transfer cd for no reason. My friend who never transfered with his account also has cd!

AGS knew exactly what they were doing with this…

Its not a coincidence they roll out the 30-day update 2 days after server merges.
Unsure how an unintentional world merge puts you on CD or why thats even a thing considered you can’t even transfer to-from Fresh servers.
The only answer I got was that it’s “working as intended”

So AGS just knowingly locked over half their player base for 30 days.

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No, it is. This is a bug they’re working to fix.


Hey all! We’re aware of an issue with server merges counting as a transfer and starting the Server Transfer cooldown. Please feel free to reach out directly to our Support team: New World - Support | Amazon Games

We will be resolving this over the next 48 hours.


If i got a 30 days cd because of this bug, is gonna be last straw to me quit the game

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CS has already told us that they cannot do anything for us. :frowning:

As an quick follow-up, we have a solution to resolve this and will push it out in the next ~48 hours.


more bugs. more ppl dropping out. can only give so many chances.

this don’t matter if is fixed in 48hrs, people that got merge is gonna get 30 days cd today

The fix will reset that cooldown for all impacted players.


I can understand everyones frustrations but come on folks give @Aenwyn credit. At least direct action was not only described to us…

But also gave a time frame. While I’m not the most positive guy on forums sometimes hahaha, I do give respect when it’s due. Give the team the time that, for a change, they made us aware of and said they’d have a fix for.
Yes we all vent our fustrations on a lot of issues but this one has been taken very seriously, some next time hahahahaha give the team the time they ask for and if it doesn’t happen by then…THEN vent :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This has now been resolved. All transfer cooldowns for those impacted by the merge should be reset! Thanks for your patience and understanding.