Govenor Exploiting ability to kick people out of Invasions so only their Company can participate



ageist, I didn’t call you anything btw, look who you’re replying too. Also take a minute to read that link and you would see this is a non-issue other than bad AGS game design.

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So if I have all of those items - which I do and I bring extra to coatings and stones- just to be helpful- Why exclude me?

So you are willing to lump everyone into a bucket for a few bad actors?

Oh I am better- sorry don’t cry I am an adult although I do question your maturity level. If you have to resort to "your c crying " as a valid argument point you have already lost the argument. It is ok though you can do better in the future. Read up on how to have a conversation/ How to debate a point oh and definitely look up Ad Hominem arguments. It will go a long way!

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Please accept my apology- there were a lot of emails flying this morning- and this was a week ago that this happened and there was nothing on the thread till today- that I got any notification on. The truth is I just want to enjoy the game just like everyone else. I do wish everyone a happy and fun new year!

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Literally crying. Lmfao.

Let’s call this a debate, after openly whining like a petulant child who isn’t allowed to play with someone else’s toy? Who is calling it exploiting, when it isn’t - and is simply the company protecting a vested interest by having full control over the actors involved.

If you fail to comprehend why they are doing this, regardless of your ability or items, then no one can even begin to help you or appease your pathetic crying.

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So a Company owns a Territory, They Pay for upgrades. a Loss in an Invasion can end up Costing 60-75k Coins EASY…Yes They will do their best to put in people they know and can trust to give it their all. Invested in trophies and coatings, weapons and so on. And YES, if you dont stop shooting the skulls, or start taking Repair parts when its not your job, you Will get kicked.

Imo Invasion should not have been an Instanced thing, it should Open to every 1. OR their should be a PvE activity with a queue, just like OPR, more similar to Invasions.

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Hello, Grumpa here. I am not the Governor of the guild in question, but the consul responsible for the situation described in the post.

I messaged every person who signed up to let them know that they wouldn’t be selected. I did this to hopefully mitigate their loss of time and avoid confusion if they were put into the war and then removed. I will continue to do the same thing until AGS changes the invasion system or modifies their stance as was posted here: Invasion kicking - official statement request - #56 by NW_Mugsy

I hope that AGS changes invasions so that it’s either clear that it’s content that should be up to the territories owner’s discretion, and if not, make it we don’t need to run a preset roster to beat it. If they chose the latter route, I hope that they still retain the right for the territory owner to remove select individuals from the event in case they go AFK or try to grief the invasion. If they allow us to retain these rights, LemmiVVinks, you can be sure to never participate in any of my guild’s invasions in the future.

So Grumpa,
I question what you are doing and bring ot to the devs attention - your response - I taking my ball and going home !!! So There !!!

If that’s how you Smoke Boys Role …Good riddance, I do notr want to help selfish people. Enjoy your game!

Thank you for finally understanding. I look forward to you not signing up to our invasion in the future.


Can’t get into invasion? Cope.

I offered fair compensation to anyone who was kicked and no one showed up at meeting point.

The only real way to remove this issue is to completely remove player influence over Settlements.
Without a Settlement at stake, there is no longer any excuse to kick anyone.
Make Invasions just another type of instanced content you can queue to participate.

The entire Settlement system that puts players in control is subject to far too much manipulation and exploitation, and excludes too many players from participating.

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you did what any company does to ensure the highest chance at success. Don’t feel bad at all. This kid just doesn’t get it.

Invasions are there for balance… They are meant to be lost to downgrade the city and keep the project board and town alive. You’re not supposed to upgrade everything to T5 and then just coast forever that would be silly.

And for the record, we do cover the costs, through our taxes or did you forget that?

Wow little bit of a threat there… How about people on that server just boycott using the facilities in your territory and you get your money just from your company members? A boycott could be an easy thing to advertise. Just like real life, people can vote with their wallets

Imagine being upset that you weren’t pulled into an invasion. Get over it. The server has like 700 active people and a bunch of other territories. Not everyone is getting into a 50 person invasion, and there are at least half a dozen invasions running daily.

This happened to me as well but with a different company doing the same thing. I understand the negative consequence of a different faction player “throwing” the invasion but invasions are supposed to be content for anyone. Plus the pick/kick behavior is disruptive to the individual.

But they were pulled into the invasion (random selection) and then kicked repeatedly.

While i realize that this topic is rather old and just been posted in however, clans kick people from invasions to prevent 40 randoms in to throw the invasion. Imagine not allowing to kick to have 40 of the opposing faction in the invasion for them to be pushing influence to immediatly declare war after the invasion. This results in a downgraded town with the potential to downgrade on gates/siege weapons making it easier. I have seen where people have let other factions into invasions for them to run around inside the fort vs fighting the corrupted or neglect to attempt to do any damage.

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