Governing company tax receiving rate

We’ve got a territory on Rocabarra and it seems the rate of taxes we receive is a bit low, so I tried to test it myself. I chose night time when there are only couple people in the city doing their stuff to have less impact of other players compared to mine.
I chose to convert materials since the tax is ridiculously high.
Checked the amount we had at 1am(Moscow time), checked the money we had at 3:25am, right before the crafting, and the money we had more then an hour later.

As you can see i spent over 2.2k gold on this test, but we received ~1k for this period of time, and judging by the amount of refined stuff I wasn’t alone refining that night.
So, what’s the actual rate of the taxes governing company receives and why do we have to pay the upkeep if the rate is way less then 50%?


We`ve performed similiar measurements, the result was the same: not all the tax going to guild treasury =(

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AGS, could you tell us if it is a bug or it is intentional feature?


So, thats why im just loseing money in nothing, when upgradeing some cities like ebonscale, thank amazon, amazing expierence!

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Server: Rocabarra
City: First Light
Guild: Nameless company

Yesterday we tested this hypothesis, as it seemed to us that taxes come in much less than the players actually spend on the use of machines.
The results are disappointing: for refining, and for crafting, and for trading, and for houses taxes, much less money actually paid by players reaches the guild treasury.

If my memory serves me, nowhere is it said that not 100% of collected taxes are given to the governing company.
Why then do we pay for the city every week if not all taxes come to us?

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Our money is being stolen from us, wonderful!!!

amazon as it best: tax avoidance :see_no_evil:


I am ready to agree with all the above.

Well, one of the staff members moved the topic to bugs and exploits from general feedback, which indirectly proves this is a bug.
Written post would be way better though.

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Confirmed a similar ~50% loss of taxes with the AH. Posted something that cost me about $650 in taxes. Looked at the statement and only saw like $300 or so come in…

Bump since there’s still no reaction from the devs.

that has always been the case, governing company is supposed to only get a portion of the tax at benches, not all of it


I had the same issue. I can confirm 1700+ out of 2700g was not received.


Note: the second screenshot was taken many hours after the first

Anyone else had this issue?

Pretty sure everyone has the issue. Fixing this would help get the other towns be more profitable instead of linking trade posts, which seems to have next to no effect, at least on our server - everyone is still selling their shit in BW/EF/WW.

Yeah on my server with wars stopping and no outpost rush running we are 100% experiencing deflation again… not sure if the cash drain/burn on the majority of “taxes” into oblivion Is intended but it’s certainly not helping.

Please update on this bug or at least acknowledge how the majority of taxes while set by the ruling company are not collected by them.

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