Grandfather players in for the HWM system please

If you currently have gear that is 600 GS, that should be your expertise when the new system goes live. I know this would give players an increase power spike which AGS seems to hate, but it’s the fair thing to do instead of devaluing player time that has already been spent on crafting or money making to buy gear.



If they don’t do this OR revert everyone’s HWM/Expertise to 500 when this new terrible system goes live, most of the crafters and people who spent their time grinding gold to buy high GS items will quit.

Cuts player-base in half, mark my words.
It’s ridiculous as HWM grinding is more difficult now and the few who went zerging get an unfair advantage over everyone else with this.


Yeah AGS really needs to avoid further devaluing player time

You realize some of us just did content for 8 hours a day to cap HWM right?

I didn’t need a chest zerg for 2 months or a broken boss. You just kill stuff a lot and it goes up.

The changes are pretty shit, I agree, but I’m not doing that agaiin for damn sure. It was 200+ hour grind where i didn’t gather or tradeskill or make the best $$.

or duping. duping was hard.

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