Grateful 4 Rapier Buffs, But Fatal Flaws, need Dev Attn:

The damage buffs on the rapier were a much needed addition. However, there are some fundamental fixes that need to happen for the perks. As someone who’s played over 600 hours of Rapier, these bugs prevent the Rapier from shining to its potential as the skill weapon of choice.

  1. Swiftness Perk (Grace Tree): This perk grants 3% haste upon light attack, and stacks 5 times for a total duration of 4 seconds. Guess what, the perk DOES NOT REFRESH ITS TIMER once it begins. By the time you get 5 stacks, the timer has run out. Which makes it quite useless.

  2. Evade’s Allegro Does not Refresh Timer: Once evade is activated, 20% haste for 3 seconds is granted. However if you have light attack and crit CD, you are able to reactivate evade again before haste runs out. The problem is that if you use evade before allegro ends, it does not refresh, but if you use it as allegro ends it does refresh. This leads to a very non-fluid transition.

  3. Desperation Perk (Grace Tree): Lets be honest this just needs to be reworked or changed completely. “Gain 10% damage when under 40% stamina” This is literally almost impossible to trigger considering how fast stamina regens. The only way this procs is if you roll 2-3 times directly in front of the enemy, and use a light attack. Heavy attacks are too slow, i have timed it. Otherwise you have to pray stamina debuffs from the enemy will keep your stamina regen super low. Maybe change it to 80% stamina?!

  4. Perfectionist perk: “grants 10% damage bonus, if at full health” I think this perk is just as useless. There is absolutely no outlet for this perk to succeed. Wars/invasions/OPR, all team battle coordinated. The fact is Perfectionist perk can only proc in the ideal circumstances. I get making the Rapier a high tier weapon, but AOE damage literally makes sure this perk never works. I think this perk just needs to be scrapped and replaced to something more consistent.
    —> the perks on the rapier seem to have a very high skill ceiling, that are tbh, too high.

  5. Light Edge: increase damage from middle swipe attacks by 8%: Although I don’t really have any specific problems with this one. Why 8%, why not 10 or 15%.

Please share this if you feel these concerns are valid.

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